police arrest pálinka overbilling

It was not the first time at this nightclub in Budapest that one had to pay a big sum of money for some drinks. The Hungarian Police detained the owner and the staff in custody, as police.hu reports.

According to the data available so far, the nightclub in József Nádor Square reopened after being closed down due to overbilling. Even though it got a new name, the owner and the staff remained the same. Furthermore, it seems like they did not learn from their mistakes. Based on the investigation, 46 years old Valentina K. who is the owner and two employees of her: 41 years old Ágnes D.-M. and 33 years old Beáta O. committed further crimes between the 2nd of January and the 6th of March, 2018.

police rendőrség
Photo: police.hu

The suspicion is that these people charmed foreigners to the nightclub and after a few drinks, they asked for a ridiculously high price. For example, they requested 580 euros for a couple glasses of champagne and a few shots. Additionally, they asked for 725 euros for two shots of pálinka. To get their money, employees even walked to the ATMs with their customers. Furthermore, it also happened that they stole wallets.

Detectives of the Police Department of the fifth district in Budapest reported that they have caught the owner is her home and the two employees at the nightclub with the help of a co-association on the 18th of April. The three women are accused of fraud, pocketing, and ransacking. The police arrested Valentina K. and submitted a plea for her being in custody.

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Source: police.hu

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