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The British Home Office says that based on the latest data, the number of those foreigners who asked for a permanent residence permit is more than 2.5 million.

According to, the British government decided in favour of those EU-citizens who live in the United Kingdom. They can remain in the country even after the Brexit and their rights will remain unchanged, but they have to ask for a permanent residence permit in case they want to stay. Based on an announcement of the British Home Office (HO), until November 30, 2,592,800 foreigners did so. According to the data of the HO, around 3.2 million foreign EU-citizens live in the country.

On the first place of the list, there are the Poles with 438,800 applications

while in the second place there are the Romanians with 411 thousand ones. Among Hungarians, there are 75,400 who asked for a permanent residence permit. Furthermore, there are 272,600 Italian, 161,100 Spanish, 97,400 French, and 70,700 German citizens who did so up until the end of the last month.

To receive such a permit, the foreigner EU-citizens have to prove not only their identity but also that they live in the United Kingdom permanently. Moreover, they have to report to the authorities if a court sentenced them for committing a crime.

The British Home Office said that most of the processed

2.23 million applications were evaluated positively; only 5 were rejected.

52 pc of those who handed in their applications received a settled while 47 pc of them a pre-settled status. The latter is given to those who did not spend at least five years in the United Kingdom, but they can remain there and can hand in their application for the settled status later. Until then, their already-existing rights in the UK remain unchanged.

According to the British statistical office, immigration from the member states of the European Union touched a 1.5 decades’ bottom. Furthermore, more Eastern-European citizens leave the British Isles than arrive there. From the eight member states joining the EU in 2004, 37 thousand people arrived in the United Kingdom between 2018 June and 2019 June, but 42 thousand citizens left the isles. Therefore,

the balance is negative.

Boris Johnson, the winner of the parliamentary elections, said that until the end of the next year he would like to settle all questions with the EU regarding the Brexit and then he wants to leave the community.


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