We do not know the exact number of those Hungarians who are currently working in the United Kingdom, but we know how many of them asked for a permanent residence permit.

According to the data published yesterday by the British Ministry of the Interior, there are more than 1.5 million EU citizens who turned to the authorities for a permanent residence permit, and 39,700 of them are Hungarian, Index reported.

Based on the decision of the British government, those foreigners who live in Great Britain when the UK leaves the European Union can remain in the country, and their rights and entitlements will remain unchanged. However, they have to apply for a  permanent residence permit from the British Ministry of the Interior.

On Wednesday, the British government made Operation Yellowhammer, the worst-case scenario of Brexit, accessible. This is about what happens if London leaves the EU without an agreement. Its content was leaked already in August, saying that authorities and people have to prepare for long queues at the doors of shops and the borders, and they should also expect more

expensive medicines, food, and social care.

Based on the information provided by the Ministry, out of 3.2 million citizens from EU countries living in the United Kingdom, 1.34 million asked for a permanent residence permit by the end of August, but their number has exceeded 1.5 million since then. At the top of the list, there is Poland with 240 thousand permit applications.

As we reported before, the governments of the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Hungary were all fully open to guaranteeing citizens’ rights before. The state secretary for European affairs at the Prime Minister’s Office said then that the Hungarian government considered it a priority since the start of the Brexit negotiations to

preserve the acquired rights of Hungarians living in the UK.

For that matter, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó had previously voiced how the Hungarian government was interested in promoting a “fair” agreement between the UK and the EU, maintaining tight business relations and continuing a security cooperation with the UK, as well as ensuring that the acquired rights of Hungarian nationals living in the UK are maintained.


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