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  1. I do not know who was the originator of this literary work nor its goal with it, but as a Hungarian, I feel obligated to express my and my fellow Hungarian’s indignation about you giving air to your personal opinion, without taking the feelings and opinion of the majority of Hungarians throughout the world into account. You said that Hungary doesn’t really have national color, nor symbol nor emblem, which is false. On top of it, you impose a shepherd dog on us as our symbol. If it was written in Hungarian, I wouldn’t have given it too much attention, but you took aim at non Hungarian readers to inform them about my country in a false way.
    What would an American say, if you stated that the US didn’t really have a flag or symbol? How would a Swiss or an Australian react??
    The national color of Hungary is tricolor: red-white-green. The symbol of Hungary has been the Crown of Saint Stephen for more than 1000 years, except that certain four decades of the soviet ruling, when our crown was hidden in the US from communists, while they imposed a red star and red flag on us as their symbols. But even during those dark years, the national colors and symbol were considered to be the same as today in the heart of Hungarians.

    Thank you very much

    Zsolt Feher

  2. congrats:)
    I like it all…
    nice to see positive attitude on net:)

    just one small fact not being true:geographically Hungary belongs to middle Europe, even if jouranlists tend to regard it politically as eastern Europe:)

  3. [email protected]
    I am giving the author the benefit of the doubt and reading this as a ‘tongue in cheek’ piece. Since there are many grammatical errors & sentence structural errors I am also assuming that some of the descriptive words used (saying that Magyar is ‘weird’) is just an error in word choice or translation….as in the difference between Vo”ro”s and Piros, which I understand the nuance difference of perfectly. At any rate, it was an interesting read for myself, raised for 9 years in Hungary but having lived in Canada since late ’61. I guess that I have a sense of humour about ourselves and our history. I do however have great concerns about the butchering and prostituting of our language as I experienced it on a yearlong visit home. Sometimes I read signs or sandwich boards etc. and could comprehend it in none of the languages that I speak/read/write. One that particularly stays with me is a large sign that read MINITH SHOE SHOP. Upon inquiring I was told that the business did very quick shoe repair and that a Hungarian relative who lived in Chicago USA said that was the way to advertise their services. Then the man proceeded to tell me that my English was obviously not as good as his recently emigrated relative or I would understand his sign. THAT attitude will be the downfall of moving forward on many levels for Hungarians.

  4. The writer has a poor grasp of Hungarian history. My suggestion would to read more, for example, Hungarians, or for that matter, Poland are not military losers. Hungary has won many battles, however, the politics has done more damage than any military loss. Not many countries can say that they have existed for more than 1000 years and one terrible at war would not exist a century. Secondly, if Hungarians were so terrible at war, foreign countries would not have used Hungarian soldiers in their armies, France for example. You may want to look up how many Congressional Medal of Honour winners are Hungarian or are of Hungarian descent. Another is why do you find hussars in many countries military? If the Huszar was so terrible at war a foreign country would definitely not employ them nor construct Huszar regiments, but they are found in Canada, England, France, Germany, Russia etc. Stop putting Hungary down and think of positive things to promote the country and people!

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