Que Jianyu, the Chinese child who is only 13 years old, performed an unbelievable trick. He solved three Rubik’s Cubes at the same time – two in his hands and one with his feet, Hvg.hu reported.

To most people, solving one of these famous cubes is a difficult task, but Que Jinanyu has perfected his method to such a degree that he is able to solve 3 Rubik’s Cubes at once. The 13-year-old boy from Xiamen has performed his stunt on the 8th November, on the day of Guinness World Records.

The solving of the cubes took the young child 1 minute and 36.39 seconds. Remember, Que solved three cubes within this period, 2 with his hands and one with his feet.

He also managed to break another record. This time, he only used one Rubik’s Cube, but there is a twist. Literally. He solved the cube in 15.84 seconds while hanging upside down.

Que says he has been training with Rubik’s Cubes since he was 5.

He is not the only one who thought to solve the Rubik’s Cube in an unusual manner. Watch this!

If you are not this type of person, do not be discouraged, you can certainly solve this Rubik’s Cube.

And if you are an artistic person, this article is the eye-candy for you.

Source: hvg.hu

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