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Here is the new Rubik’s Cube that anyone can complete

Here is the new Rubik’s Cube that anyone can complete

The new version of the Rubik’s Cube is called GoCube, and it has sensors inside, tracking every move, as reported by This way, the app that comes with the game knows exactly which panels are moved and can potentially help solve the game.

The brilliant invention of Ernő Rubik from the 1970s divided the world into two groups: those who could solve it and those who could not. Well, there was that third group who solved the game by rearranging the stickers, but let us not focus on them right now…

Nowadays, the game exists in several different shapes and sizes but the basic idea, therefore the steps to learn it, remain the same.

This is what the Israeli company aims to make use of.

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GoCube with app

The innovative project appeared on Kickstarter, and the designated goal of 25 thousand dollars was much surpassed, reaching up to 600 thousand dollars-worth of pre-orders, with one month still left until the end of the project. The new version is the same size as the original. However, the design has been through several changes. The main idea of the project is on the inside, though.

On the inside of the cube, various sensors have been placed. This allows the accommodating application to track every move, every turn made.

Besides this, and tracking the time it takes the player to complete the cube, this innovation also allows the app to teach everyone how to solve the game – at least according to the inventors.

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The new design of the Rubik’s Cube

Moreover, all the data is stored in the app, so you can even compete with friends to see who is faster.

Not to mention the lights that are built in, allowing you to play even at night, in the dark.

The first GoCube pieces can be expected to be available by March 2019. Its cheapest version will cost around 69 dollars, with an additional 7 dollars for delivery (a total of around 21 thousand forints).

To learn more about Rubik’s Cubes, definitely check out this article about a French pastry chef’s take on the Hungarian invention.

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