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A universal tattoo designed by a Hungarian man and his colleague living in Germany has conquered the world by know, and can help millions of people having diabetes, reports Nlcafe.hu.

If we meet an unconscious or confused person in the street who is unable to communicate, it is hardly possible to determine the cause of the disturbed state of mind in case we are no medics of any kind. However, it is of utmost importance to take action as soon as possible since every minute matters when one’s life is in danger.

For quite a long time, it was a widespread practice among those having diabetes to wear a special bracelet into which vital information is engraved about the type of diabetes the person has. However, for several reasons, it did not prove to be the perfect solution to the problem, and this is what gave rise to the initiative of Péter Zsoldos who designed a free, and by now, universal life-saving tattoo pattern which has started to conquer the world.

tattoo diabetes
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The whole idea was born when his colleague, István Márton, who lives in Germany, was asked by a lady to design a diabetes tattoo for his son. That was the point when they realised that this invention could save the life of thousands of people. He eventually made the tattoo for the man, but the great project stopped at this point until last year, when Péter consulted a diabetologist and a paramedic. With their help, he designed a universal tattoo pattern for those who have diabetes, which is now made in many salons, free of charge.

As Péter Zsoldos revealed:

“This is a universal pattern which is recognisable all around the world.”

It is mainly meant for passers-by and not necessarily for doctors arriving on the spot, but it is an undoubtedly great assistance to them, too. As the designer and inventor pointed out, the problem with the widely used bracelets was that they got easily lost, or the patients frequently forgot to put them on. When encountering this problem on an online diabetes forum, Péter shared his creative idea on the site offering free tattoos with the designed universal pattern.

“Since so many people wanted to have our tattoo, I proposed to coordinate the initiative together with István, and thus we started to search for tattoo artists and salons. In the first round, people from Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Kaposvár joined our initiative.”

This is how it started to conquer the world. By now, more than 250 tattoo artists have joined the initiative, and in Hungary, the number of people having this tattoo is over 500 already. Salons from Texas, New York, and Europe are also part of this project, so the global expansion of the pattern has already started.

tattoo diabetes
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Of course, this is a serious project meaning that no tattoo is done just for fun. Tattoo salons demand some official documents setting up the diagnosis of diabetes to make sure that no one will be mistreated due to this universal pattern made for fun. In the middle of the blue circle, the abbreviation of the diabetes type can be indicated, but as the designer highlighted, patients are more reluctant to tattoo the T2 type into the circle.

During the design, they paid careful attention to choosing the ideal body part for the tattoo. The blood flow to the arms is usually good, and since at first, paramedics always check the pulse of the unconscious patient, the tattoo is usually placed onto the left wrist of the patient.

In several previous cases, the tattoo saved the life of patients who were unable to speak, but were able to point at the tattoo on their wrists.

In the near future, the team plans to design further life-saving tattoos, among others, for those intolerant of aspirin or lidocaine. If you are interested in getting to know more about this great Hungarian initiative and check the closest salon to your domicile, click on the website of lifeguardtattoo.com.

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Source: nlcafe.hu

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