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As Napi.hu has come to know, supposedly, the famous American actor, Bruce Willis, is going to be the face of the campaign popularising the well-known Hungarian energy drink brand, Hell.

The recent news according to which Bruce Willis is going to be the face of the campaign for Hell has spread all over the Hungarian media. The preparations of the campaign including the posters and the commercials broadcast on TV have been going on for some time, but the North Hungarian company did not respond to the questions of Napi.hu concerning the details of their collaboration with the American actor. The PR Director of Hell Energy company located in Szikszó neither confirmed nor denied the recruitment of the well-known star.

The reply of the company goes:

“The Hell Energy company has reached a milestone in the history of its operation that is why we are planning a global campaign. The preparations of the project have been in progress for some time and we are certainly going to inform the public about our activity and the person or people involved in it. We are asking your patience and understanding concerning the matter. Very soon, more details will be announced to the public.”

In professional circles, it is rumoured that Bruce Willis is going to enter into a 2-year-long contract with the Hell Energy company. Furthermore, the commercials in which he is going to popularise the Hungarian brand are going to be broadcast in 5 countries. Although there is no confirmed information about the financial side of the contract, it is known that the value of a 2-year-long contract with a world-famous celebrity valid only in one country costs at least 1 million euros. However, in case of the Hungarian brand, the contract would include 50 countries, and therefore the anticipated amount of money paid to Willis can be several times higher than the mentioned sum.

Hell is the 3rd Hungarian brand recruiting a famous star for its campaign.

Firstly, it was the Szenkirályi company, reputable for its mineral water, that recruited a famous footballer, the Portugal Louis Figo, with whom they entered into a contract 10 years ago.

Furthermore, another Hungarian brand, the Norbi Update, was advertised by André Agassi, the world-class tennis player for some time. The mutual work, however, ceased very quickly, although Norbert Schobert reported that they worked well together and André was pleased to be the face of the Norbi Update brand.

We are very curious about getting to know more detail about this project and see how their collaboration works. 🙂

Featured image: facebook/Bruce Willis Official

Source: napi.hu

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