A new type of cultural tourism is flourishing in Hungary, writes, as filmmakers had chosen Budapest in the top 5 list of the best filming locations in Europe.

Lovers of cinematography started a new trend in cultural tourism, as they tend to visit the locations of their favourite movie scenes boosting the popularity of cities functioning as film sets. This way, places one might have never heard of become dream destinations. Budapest is a well-known location and according to professionals of the film industry, the city is an inexpensive film set and Hungarian technicians are experienced. Another characteristic of the city is its variable spaces, which is an important factor when the crew has to achieve the ambience of another metropolis in a scene.

Budapest had played Moscow and Paris several times, but Western-Berlin, Buenos Aires and even Sarajevo were brought to life in our capitol city for a scene. According to, Budapest is one of the most exciting cities to visit in Europe, especially for those who liked Steven Spielberg’s ‘Munich’, ‘American Rhapsody’ with Scarlett Johansson or ‘Monte Carlo’, a film produced by Nicole Kidman. The latest shootings that stirred up the city were ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ with Bruce Willis that evoked the attention of tourists and city dwellers in 2013 and episodes of ‘Strike Back’, a popular tv show which was partly shot at Buda Castle, in the cable car.

According to Hungarian Tourism Ltd., visitors that come to Hungary in order to see a film setting spend a considerable sum on hotel rooms, booking at least 100 accommodations per year. This new segment of cultural tourism is running up, and it is not only the Hungarian hotels that can profit from film tourists, but other representatives of the service sector as well.

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  1. I was walking near the Parliament building in Budapest in mid-September 2013. They were filming a futuristic movie. There were characters in Halo warrior-type outfits. What is the name of the movie?

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