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A young Hungarian talent caught the eye of one of the biggest record companies in the United States. Ultra Records offered a contract of four years to Willcox, for his song entitled Tequila. According to szeretlekmagyarorszá, the artist could not believe it was true – the first time he read the email he thought someone was trying to pull one over him.

The artist revealed that “I have recently decided to focus more on my career here in Hungary. Tequila was the first song I produced in the spirit of this sentiment, where I let go of trying to meet international trends. It is quite funny that this ended up being the song to get me the breakthrough, for which I am very grateful of course.”

Willcox also revealed that the company contacted him several times before the deal was struck.

“To be honest, the first time Ultra contacted me, I thought it was a joke and did not reply. I only realised the offer was real when my Hungarian record company, Gold Record, arranged the contract with the international company.”

The management team of the artist added that Willcox has achieved almost all there is to achieve here in Hungary, despite his young age. Last year, he was chosen to be amongst the best DJs and producers at the Ballantine’s Music Awards. His songs regularly become radio hits, he is the official DJ of the radio station called Music FM and, of course, he has appeared in all the nightclubs that count.

His international success did not come out of the blue – his songs have been picked up by such iconic figures as Don Diablo, Henry Fong, Pep&Rash, MAKJ and Bob Sinclair. As a result of this, his music has reached the audience of the Tomorrow Land, to mention just one example.

You can check out Tequila here:

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