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A Hungarian father makes incredible lamps, using old bikes – VIDEO

A Hungarian father makes incredible lamps, using old bikes – VIDEO

Péter Belső has recently launched his project “Industrial Kid” which offers custom made lamps; the customer has full control over the product, and they can design lamps that are in harmony with their home and personality, writes All the lamps are inspired by bicycles. 

The customer chooses the colour of the grip, the brake levers, the handlebar, and the bowden cable; there are ten different shades available. The aim of the project is to give the customer a lamp that is unique, and shows the owner’s personality. Also, the LED’s are switched on if someone hits the brakes.

Péter originally wanted to make a folding bike which doesn’t get the clothes dirty, and decided to make a belt-driven bike; the spare parts gave him the idea to make designer objects. The first bike lamp was made for his daughter, who hated sitting at her desk – until she got the first, unique bike lamp.

The first lamp was made three years ago, and more than a hundred was sold since; after the project appeared on Indiegogo an additional 47 was sold in three days. Péter’s goal is to collect $20 000, and he also made a graph showing where the money would go.

The short term goal is to have an online surface where customers can design their own lamps; the long term goal is to make other objects, such as bracket lamps and ceiling lamps as well.

If you’re interested in these amazing designer lamps, you should definitely take a look at Péter’s website and Facebook page for more information, and watch Péter’s video introducing his invention!

Video source: Péter Belső/vimeo
Photo source: Industrial Kid Facebook page

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