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In Hungary, he worked in the communications sector, but he was not satisfied with his job. Thus, he went to Germany and started to work there, and now he has the chance to become Germany’s best nurse.

He says that even though his job is very stressful, he learns a lot from the many different life situations he meets every day – 24-hu reported.

On his most stressful day, two of his colleagues could not come, so he and one of his colleagues had to take care of 18 patients. Therefore, he did not have enough time for them, but he said that

he remained in the hospital even after his shift ended

to be able to speak with an older man with advanced cancer. 

He is always positive, and he is always smiling. It is a pleasure to work with him and all his patients like him – this is how one of his colleagues nominated him into the contest in which Berlin’s best nurse apprentice was searched for. The 26-year-old guy won the award, but we can vote for Szabolcs until the end of September because

he has a chance to become the best nurse in Germany.

Not only the work ethic was important in the contest but also the story of the applicant. Szabolcs started health care training in 2016, and now he takes care of older people in Berlin after he successfully passed all his exams just a couple of days ago. 

He was convinced by his sister to go to Germany and try himself in the health care sector. Szabolcs was sceptical at the beginning because he did not speak the language, and he was not sure that nursing is his dream job. 

He graduated from the university as a communications expert, but he could not find a job in the commercial sector in which he received the professional help he sought. He even tasted burnout though he was only in his 20s. He lived in a village near Kecskemét and had to travel to his workplace more than 1.5 hours a day. He had to live home with his parents because he did not have enough money to rent a flat.

Many said that there is more in him.

It was hard in Berlin because even though he took part in dual training, so he worked and received a salary, the city was costly. However, it was worth it – he said to 

He added that the training was very stressful and complicated. He studied not only biology, anatomy and communication but also Psychology and hygiene. They also learned what to do with aggressive patients. 

Today, he works in three shifts, but he has more than enough work because labour shortage is a huge problem even in Germany. Szabolcs said that even though his friends respect him for working as a nurse

most people do not appreciate his job. 

He lives now a much better life than he did in Hungary but says that his profession is challenging both physically and mentally. However, he plans his future career in the health care sector because

he likes helping other people.

He does not exclude that in the future he will work in Hungary, but now he feels perfectly well in Germany and says that he can develop professionally much swifter there.


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