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A Hungarian startup launched Helpy, the Uber of cleaning

A Hungarian startup launched Helpy, the Uber of cleaning writes that Helpy was created to reform cleaner mediation. Probably all of us have heard the question “Do you know a good cleaner?” Well, this is how it goes in Hungary, in the middle of digital revolution. This is what Helpy wants to change, which is a Hungarian startup that received a 150 thousand euro investment in March.

If you move to a new neighborhood but don’t know a good cleaner who you could trust with your home, or you just simply don’t have time and energy to look on the internet, then all you have to do is type into the browser. Not to mention that, if you’re looking for someone trustworthy and someone who works at a high standard, well, you might not find that person simply on the internet.

So after you have typed in Helpy you can easily place an order. You can choose from five basic packages, based on, for instance, the size of your home, and then you can also choose extras (window cleaning, cleaning of the oven, fridge, doing laundry, ironing etc.). After this, you have to choose the time and date (you can ask for regular, once a week, once in two weeks, monthly cleaning) and give the details. All of this takes about 2-3 minutes.

From this point on, everything works just like with Uber, the system sends you a reminder before the cleaning day and an email asking for your feedback the next day. And this might be the most important part of the system. They pay attention to your feedback and make sure to only send reliable cleaners.


You can also apply as a cleaner on the website. They promise a regular salary with regular jobs (if you are reliable and neat, of course). Something that might be even more attractive is that they send you to the closest place as they look at where you live and the places to be cleaned up. This way your 8 hour job won’t end up being 12 hours with travelling.

The founders of Helpy found it really hard to find a trustworthy cleaner as the ones who work properly are always busy going from house to house. The problem was given, so they looked up how others solved it abroad. “This was when we found the German Helpling company, which tries to supplement this matter” said Patrícia Krcsma, the PR manager of Helpy. After a short market size-up they came to the conclusion that there’s need for this in Hungary as well.

The leader of the four member team is Timur Csillik, who studied international commerce at Oxford Brookes University and doesn’t lack experience. He was very enthusiastic about Helpy and the ideas quickly fructified. Szabolcs Udvardy is the marketing and sales manager, Patrícia Krcsma is responsible for social media and she’s the spokesperson for Helpy, while Ádám Bacsányi keeps in touch with customers and is responsible for operative tasks. However, it looks like they’ll have to look for more employees.

One of their aims is to make over their otherwise very good website to make the ordering process even more simple and enjoyable. Their long-term aim is to launch an iOS and Android Helpy application. They are very determined to reach neighboring countries until 2017, thus, becoming an international company.


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