According to, Europe’s first online fitness school has just started in Hungary. aims to teach fitness and aerobic trainers together with dance teachers through online courses. As we reported, the Hungarian startups are exceptionally successful lately.

Now it is free to try out!

The basic idea of the startup is that both theoretical and practical

classes are taught by recognized professionals

whom students can follow online on videos. However, of course, they can ask them questions both online and by meeting them. Besides, the first online fitness school in Europe is now free to try out!

According to Szilvia Gyöngyösi, CEO of Mymove their courses are flexible, and there is no fixed time set for the lessons. Thus, they can adjust to everybody’s needs. ‘Among our teachers, there are the best professionals of the country: Balázs Czanik, Szimonetta Simon or Zsuzsanna Konok’ – she added. Gyöngyösi highlighted that students can reach the materials of the theoretical and practical classes both in written form and on videos. Furthermore, thanks to their technological developments,

the program is accessible on tablet, smartphone, and computer, as well.

E-learning works, too 

In the offer of the online fitness studio

not only beginners but also experts

can find interesting materials. Besides, they plan to launch courses for fitness instructors, sports trainers and aqua trainers in the future.

Shooting video for one of the courses. Photo:

‘I have been working as a trainer and an instructor for many years. Several of my courses were cancelled because of the travelling, the distance or because finding a babysitter was a problem for my clients’ – said Gyöngyösi. She added that all these problems could be solved by using their innovation. Besides, the material can be acquired more profoundly since all their videos and written materials are viewable without limit for 30 days. Furthermore, alongside comfort money is also important. Though a traditional course can be worth ten thousands of HUF they provide

the same kind of highly professional material for only a small part of the original offline price

– highlighted the CEO of Mymove.

There is a free trial period for the courses that are available on the Mymove website. For enrollment, one should obtain an adequate qualification – mostly high-school graduation  and a medical certificate. After one finishes a course successfully, the online fitness school not only provides marketing advice but also helps with finding a job.

Szilvia Gyöngyösi highlighted that as an opening offer those who enroll for an OKJ-course in August would be able to

choose one of their certificate providing programs for free.



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