Green Taxi, a company that uses electric cars, has sided with the Uber drivers, writes. The company launched its campaign titled “Not everyone is envious, who’s yellow: give way to innovation” on 23 February 2016.

The campaign’s poster has a green-yellow plug and the text “free UBER,” meaning that the company stands beside uber green taxiUber; their aim is to have a meaningful negation between taxi- and Uber drivers instead of the heated protests.

CEO of Green Taxi, Örs Lévay, said in an announcement that both Green Taxi and Uber are innovative services; the company also receives negative feedback and many people doubt the purpose of electric taxis. Lévay added that their goal is simply to bring a new approach into the taxi business, and satisfy the passengers’ need for an environmentally
friendly and sustainable taxi service. The CEO said that although they are “green” their business is “white.”

 Photo source: Green Taxi Facebook page

Copy editor: bm


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