As it has been reported earlier the Budapest and Tunis chambers of commerce and industry signed a cooperation agreement at a Hungarian-Tunisian business forum in Budapest.

Tunisia tries to improve both politically and economically in terms of international relationships, therefore, more and more commercial and business forums are being organized in the country and abroad. Hungary and the Hungarian corporations can play an important role in this process.

Zoltán Kiss

Zoltán Kiss, head of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) said that he is happy that Tunis Chamber of Commerce and Industry looks at BKIK as a partner. He also mentioned that

“the connections between the two countries have strengthened recently which results in more and more collaboration possibilities.”

Khémaies Jhinaoui

Tunisian Foreign Minister, Khémaies Jhinaoui expressed that his country attends to improve local corporations;

“Our aim to strengthen this bilateral relationship between the two countries and to achieve this we held more forums similar to this in Tunisia, too. I would like to highlight that, besides the economic and commercial connections, tourism is also very important to us and we pay attention to the questions of safety. Our aim is to make anyone visiting our county feel safe as much as possible. Tunis government finds helping the business sphere an important task and I hope the ties will strengthen.”

Foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar said that Tunisia can count on Hungary, we support the country in any way we can in terms of politics, economy and tourism. He also encouraged everyone to visit Tunisia.

According to the Tunisian Secretary-General it is important that the Hungarian businessmen visit Tunisia and the other way round:

“I find it important that the corporations be present with their businesses and plans in each other’s country as it means benefits for both of the countries. So I would like to invite the Hungarian entrepreneurs to Tunisia. There are many Hungarian entrepreneurs coming from Hungary whom I remember, I hope there will be more of them.”

– said Abderrazak Sanheji.

Zoubeir Chaieb, co-president of Hungarian-Tunisian Council said that the Hungarian businesses have nothing to be afraid of when making relationships with Tunisia. As he said „history has already proved that Tunisia is open to Hungary and can ensure the guarantee of the investments.”

Sándor Balogh

Sándor Balogh, president of African-Hungarian Union and HTCC also gave a speech during the forum.

“Both of the countries went through a tough development period in the last 60 years. Despite that their relationships improved favourably. After democracy won in Tunisia, the African-Hungarian Union established the Hungarian-Tunisian Business Council with 23 corporations on the initiative of the Embassy of Tunisian in Budapest, in 2011. The first text of the agreement between BKIK and the Tunisian Chamber got formulated that time; the updated version just got signed by the presidents of the chambers. We really hope that great ties will be created on the most important economic fields. The Hungarian-Tunisian Business Council, HTCC and AHU will do what it takes to achieve this. To move a handbasket you need two people – or two nations in this case. Now we have both of these two and it’s time to move the basket. I wish good luck for everyone.” – finished his speech Sándor Balogh.


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