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A central European gem packed with beautiful sights, delicious food and a buzzing nightlife, it’s no wonder why Budapest is such a popular choice for city breaks. But there’s another reason why Budapest is such a common choice for holidays and that’s the cost associated with visiting. A new study from Starling Bank has shown that this city is one of the most inexpensive cities you can visit in the world, with the average cost of a day spent here costing £63.17. Compared to other popular cities such as Paris and Vienna, which cost around £145 and £110 a day respectively, Budapest is much less expensive. These are some of the prices you can expect to pay in Budapest for the likes of food, drink, hotels and attractions.

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Hotel and dining

Hotel costs are often what sends a holiday bill skyrocketing, but accommodation in this city is very affordable. A budget hotel in Budapest can cost as little as £14.86 a night, while a higher-end hotel costs in the region of £39.62. Dining is one area of visiting Budapest that truly differs from other destinations, as eating here is incredibly affordable and a local meal can be found for less than £6.

You can dine on a delicious three-course meal for just £13.72 and a fast-food meal costs just £4.12.

If you want to splash out on fine dining, you can do so without breaking the bank – the average luxury meal here costs only £21.30. Drinks are also cheap in this city – a bottle of wine costs, on average, £3.84 while a beer or a glass of wine costs around £1.35, and a bottle of water costs just £0.66.

Exploring the city

 As the saying goes, the best things in life are free and that is certainly true in Budapest. Many of this city’s top sights don’t cost a penny, from Heroes Square to the Chain Bridge and climbing Castle Hill. There are also plenty of free walking tours here, making it an affordable city to experience to the full. However, if you did want to spend some money to see paid attractions, you won’t have to break the bank too much.

The average cost of a ticket to an attraction here is only £5.16 on average.

Public transport is very inexpensive in Budapest, with a round trip on public transport costing around £1.92. Taxis are more expensive, although cheaper than in many European cities, and will set you back around £14.88. However, Budapest is a very walkable city so you can certainly get around easily without the need for transport if you want to explore on foot.

Why your money goes further in Budapest

At less than £70, Hungary’s most popular city allows your money to go further than anywhere else in Europe, according to this interactive tool. When comparing prices for attractions and experiences such as museums, galleries and heritage sites, as well as musical performances such as operas and classical concerts, Budapest came out on top for the second year running.

Studies show that two in five holidaymakers consider the cultural attractions when they’re choosing their holiday destinations and over three-quarters will factor in the prices they’ll face when they arrive as to whether or not to visit. So, it certainly pays to do your research and discover the more affordable places you can visit where you will get more for your money. While prices fluctuate from year to year, Budapest has been consistently one of the most affordable places to visit for several years in a row.

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