(MTI) – Police removed the ten activists of the opposition E-PM electoral alliance who occupied the reception area of the National Development Ministry on Friday morning in protest against the planned upgrade of Hungary’s Paks nuclear plant.

The government signed on Jan. 14 a cooperation agreement with Moscow on building new blocks at the plant at Paks in central Hungary . The activist held up a banner reading “Enough secrets! We want a referendum on Paks!” and staged a sit-in in the reception hall.

Rebeka Szabo, a lawmaker of the Dialogue for Hungary party (PM) who sits as an independent in parliament, told reporters they demanded the release of the document signed in Moscow to the public. She said they would also press for a national referendum to be called on the project. “Prime Minister Viktor Orban is afraid and that is why he does not want to hear the opinion of the people,” she said.

Police removed the activists who put up passive resistance.

Szabo said that E-PM will organise another demonstration in Budapest against the Paks project on Sunday.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://hungarymatters.hu/

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