During the hot summer, people often feel an urge to jump into a cool pool of water. The bad news is that most of the pools in Budapest are quite expensive. The good news is that there are some exceptions.

When someone lives in a bigger city, it is a constant problem that a suitable but cheap swimming spot is hard to find. Most of the ticket prices in Budapest vary between 8 and 10 euros, which is not affordable  to everyone. NLCafe has collected some of the rare locations in Budapest where the prices are customer friendly. Let us take a look at them!

Photo: www.facebook.com/Csillaghegyi Strand és Uszoda


Though a bathing complex is being constructed here right now and hundreds of trees are getting chopped down for this purpose, a part of the place can still be used. The ticket price is mere 3.25 euros, so it is absolutely worth to give this inner city swimming pool complex a try in the hot summer.

Photo: www.paskalfurdo.hu


It is a little bit more expensive than Csillaghegyi – its ticket price is approximately two times higher – but not without a reason. Paskál beach went through some renovations recently: the children’s pool had a couple of new toys and playground apparatuses installed, a shady playground was built and the catering units were renewed. Concerning these novelties, the ticket price still seems reasonable.

Photo: www.facebook.com/Ujhegyi Uszoda

Ujhegyi Swimming Pool and Strand

This is probably the most customer friendly beach from the aspect of value for money. An outdoor pool of 25 meters and a child friendly small pool awaits visitors in case of favorable weather, while a swimming pool and a bathing pool can be found inside the complex. All of this can be enjoyed for 4.22 euros – 3.25 for pensioners and students – moreover, the ticket price is reduced every day after 3pm to 2.27 euros for all. It is unlikely that one might find any offer more advantageous than this.

Featured photo: www.facebook.com/Ujhegyi Uszoda

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