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Budapest, September 7 (MTI) – Hungarian police arrested an Afghan man suspected of having strangled his wife in late August in Germany, at the Kelebia railway border crossing, news portal hirado.hu said on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old man was travelling with his four children by an express train from Austria to Belgrade, the portal said.

Police sought to check their identity but they could not present any documents, the portal said.

According to the portal, Hungary’s counter-terrorism centre TEK had obtained information from the EU’s border control agency Frontex about the suspect wanted by German police under an international warrant.

A Budapest court on Monday ordered the detention of the man for being transferred to German authorities, Peter Pota, the court’s spokesman, told the portal. His four children have been placed under care at the Fot children’s home near Budapest.

The Afghan man is suspected of having killed his wife at a workers’ hostel in the town of Hoyerswerda in eastern Germany’s state of Saxony on August 30.

Source: MTI/hirado.hu

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