After being caught, seven different passports were found in Ahmed H.’s possession, all of them with valid Schengen visa. According to the Police, Ahmed H. is one of the leaders of the Röszke rebellion, and is a member of the Tablighi Jamaat, an Islam fundamentalist organization.

Ahmed H. (39) Syrian citizen, was arrested on Tuesday at Szeged, after being caught by the Counter Terrorism Commando on Saturday at the train station at Győr. He is suspected of being the leader of an aggressive migrant group which attacked the officers defending Röszke 2. on 16 September.

According to official sources, Ahmed H. is a Cyprus citizen, has a work permit, and he’s a member if the Tablighi Jamaat (Society for Spreading Faith), which is a terrorist cover organization for sending radical activists into the target countries.

According to Népszabadság, Ahmed H. had seven different passports in his possession, all of them with Schengen visa. It is unknown how he was able to get hold of seven passports, or why he chose to enter Hungary illegally, when he is not a poor man; Ahmed H. is a business man and also has a fishing-boat in Cyprus, along with a wife, five cars and a soon to be built house worth €90.000. Nevertheless, Cyprus authorities denied his citizenship request.

It is unclear if Ahmed H. has any connections to Jaszír, who is also believed to be a terrorist. Jaszír is suspected to be the man with a red backpack who encouraged (some sources say he actually tried to help) the radical group attacking Röszke.

Jaszír’s situation was later confirmed by György Bakondi, (Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister on Internal Security), and by PM Viktor Orbán as well. However, according to secret service related information it is not yet affirmed by international agencies that Jaszír really is a terrorist. The only thing for sure is that Jaszír sympathized with certain radical Islam groups.

The Counter Terrorism Center, the Police and the Secret Service are all investigating Ahmed H.’s and Jaszír’s affiliations and calls, to get a greater picture about their Hungarian and European relations. They intend to find out if Ahmed H. took part in the Röszke rebellion at Tablighi Jamaat’s order. The reason for this thorough investigation is that the Police gained new information stating that the leaders of the demonstrations did not come to Hungarian with the migrants, but some of them travelled by plane, and only joined the migrants in Hungary.

Migrants were talking about people who were “not one of them”, and they “suddenly disappeared.” At first refugees believed that these people travelled further with the help of human traffickers, but after countless disappearances they started to suspect the Police. Nevertheless, neither the Police, nor the Counter Terrorism Center, or the Secret Service admitted to arrest any of those people, despite the fact that according to experts, removing the peace-breakers would have been the best.

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  1. There is a plot. No doubt that international Islamic organizations have arranged this. I am sure Erdogan and his minions are in on the plot. That is why Turkey let them all out en masse.

  2. This article contradicts itself. In the beginning it says he is a citizen of Cyprus in the end it says he had residency there but not citizenship.

  3. CIA & Mossad couldn’t be behind this. Fox News and BBC say so, then it is true. We all believe liberals and neocons, especially American ones. We don’t need independence nor prosperity in Europe; only lack of true civil liberties and more fundamentalist refugees and criminals from the Middle East, Africa and exUSSR. Long live the EU!

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