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According to the government “migration has been clearly behind all recent attacks on Hungary”, government spokesman Zoltán Kovács told a press conference on Wednesday.

Reacting to remarks by Manfred Weber, group leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament, Kovács said that “mixing up disputes on European Union procedures (against Hungary) concerning the country’s rule of law with disputes concerning migration policy is unacceptable”.

Answering a question, he said that Weber’s supporting the European Parliament’s Sargentini report on the rule of law in Hungary was a “clear sign” that Hungary’s position to reject migration had elicited the “attacks”.

Answering another question about European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s suggestion that Europe should celebrate the upcoming centenary of the merger of Transylvania and Romania, Kovács said that

Juncker had “spoken in line with his state” and that “his lack of historical facts confirms his being unfit for his position”.

Source: MTI

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