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Budapest, September 1 (MTI) – All cabs in Budapest must be “traffic yellow” and no more than 10 years old from Monday, September 1, under new taxi regulations introduced a year ago.

The Budapest Municipal Council approved the new taxi regulations introducing fixed fees in the capital effective September 1, 2013 and stipulated that all cabs must be “traffic yellow” and no more than 10 years old within a year.

The fix tariffs include a basic service charge of 450 forints topped up with 280 forints per kilometre.

Minimum requirements for engine power and baggage space have also been set down. Taxis must also comply with Euro IV environmental requirements on emissions and Euro V from 2018.

Further, taxis must be fitted with air-conditioning and use winter tyres during the cold season. Smoking is banned in taxis and bank card payments must be available. Drivers must affix passenger information in every cab.



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