According to a new survey arranged by Republikon Institute for, higher wages are the most important reason why more and more young Hungarians are working abroad. As we already reported, salaries are very different in the European Union. For example, the minimum wage in Luxemburg is eight times more than in Bulgaria. Thus, Eastern-European countries lose their most educated, skilled and well-trained workforce. Therefore, the labour shortage is spreading in that half of Europe together with its demographic decline.

Emotional blackmailing to stop emigration

Not long ago a background institute of the government published a book about

why it is worth to remain in Hungary.

They wrote that there is political stability and the country is secure. Furthermore, the cost of living is low; the organisation of society is based on Christian values, and the family is also here. According to the Research Institute for National Strategy, the Hungarian government continuously extends the allowances given to the families. Finally, the country is protected from migration.

Moreover, the authors emotionally blackmail those who consider leaving the country. They write that those young people who are thinking about moving to another country do not take into consideration the sorrow they cause to their relatives. Moreover, they cannot properly take care of their parents from abroad, which means that

they are ungrateful.

However, it is at least doubtful that such sentences would stop emigration.

Young Hungarians would like to go most, but the rate is high in the 65+ age group as well

Republikon Institute surveyed 1,000 people and searched for the answer to the question of how many of them are planning to move abroad and how many of them know about any relatives thinking about leaving the country.

In fact,

18% answered that either they or their relatives plan to work abroad some day.

In itself, this is not a tremendous rate, but it means that every fifth citizen does not plan their future in Hungary. The reasons are simple: 14% would choose to work abroad because of the higher wages. Interestingly, 3% would leave the country because of the “Byzantine public life”. In fact, only 1% mentioned some other reasons.

However, the whole picture is much worse, if we examine the numbers in the different age groups.

According to the survey,

40% of the 18-24 age group said that he/she or some of his/her relatives would like to move abroad.

The reasons are the same: higher wages (34%) and the state of public life (5%).

Only 44% does not plan to emigrate

and 16% did not want or could not answer the question.

The rate of those who would like to remain is higher among the 25-34 years old Hungarians. 76% does not plan to leave the country, only 18% said that they or some of their relatives would like to do so.

In general, we can state that the older an age-group, the less the rate of those who would like to leave the country is. Of course, this is understandable. However, it is interesting that the rate of the leavers

in the 64+ age group (17%) almost equals of those in the 25-34 group.

They probably follow their children or grandchildren to help them or be helped by them.

Source:, Daily News Hungary

  1. I can understand those who want to leave the country for higher wages,but don’t understand they are leaving their parent and the graves of their beloved ones

  2. A lot of young people leave to become caretakers or baby sitters in Western European countries. They might make more money, however, they could have a better career at home with a steady income. The wage might be higher, but so are the living expenses. More money is not the be all or end all.

  3. I agree Edward,
    A country cannot pull out of a blood sucking commie/socialist bankrupted state that fast. But watching the current government in action, and letting the political stone throwing in one ear out the other, and some patience. We will see Hungary a massive power once again with it’s central neighbours and some conservative measures adhered to in the form of migration control and sub-country assistance and development so it’s good for all.

  4. As a “West-European” I can only say this:
    Your wages will be higher than in Hungary, but your living expenses will also be much higher. Another thing is that your wages, that is the money you worked hard for, will be taxed accordingly. I worked on average 60 to 70 hrs per week, including weekends. I paid per month nearly sixty (60) % in taxes. This means work hard for nothing. What was left after I had paid all the taxes and social premiums was just enough to live a normal life without much extras.
    So, before you decide think twice and then think again. Another issue is that many West European countries prefer to cuddle the so called refugees instead of the people who maintain them with their hard labour.

  5. I agree C.J. and well written. I used to work crazy hours and in the end, it wasn’t worth the time or effort. The government loved the taxes I provided for them though. It is not how much you make, but how much you spend, not all of the time, but it is a good rule!
    I, like you Vedo, always hope for the best for Hungary and Hungarians.

  6. Go abroad if you feel you must, but don’t burn your bridges.
    I left in late November 1956 for obvious reasons. Lived in US since 1957, even though not first choice. Taught in 5-6 colleges, ready to retire. Would love to settle back somewhere around Veszprem, but can not afford it. On frequent visits “home,” I love the progress made and am anxious about the future. With all its problems, Hungary is still a great country.

  7. I know only people in hungary that leave because of orban and his autokratic, populistic, non Christian behaviour.
    furthermore hungary is the country with the highest corruption in EU according to TI.
    This is reality and make it one if the worst place to live in EU.

  8. I am a computer programmer in the U.S. I am thinking seriously about someday moving to Hungary. Even though I have much to learn of your country; from where I stand it looks like your country and culture are treasured and protected and you have control of your immigration. That is rare and beautiful.

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