Remember James Cameron’s Avatar and the amazing world the movie created? Now you can experience the same thing right here in Hungary. reported that the viaFlora Group, a Hungarian flower business firm, has finally demonstrated their newest invention after years of research: flAVATAR, the glow in the dark flowers!

The invention has already got licenced in Hungary. It was inspired by natural wonders, and the cohabitation of different species. When two different living things are in a symbiosis then something new comes into life that haven’t been seen before, and that is beneficial for both kinds.

The inventors of flAVATAR have been studying the particles of different plants and the habits of those unicellular organisms that are living in cohabitation with them. At the end of their research they were able to make the dark flowers glow.


Richárd Kun, who first dreamed about flAVATAR said that they successfully created a 100% plant based, genetically not modified substance that is not harmful for humans or any other living things, and if applied to flowers it makes them glow in green, blue, or in red for hours.

flAVATAR can be used on many different freshly cut flowers and pot flowers, such as callas, roses, palms, cactuses, pinks (dianthus), or chrysanthemums.

The glow in the dark flowers has been introduced to the public only recently, but already anyone can purchase them in Hungary. The viaFlora Group (which has exclusive rights to the invention) is planning to sell their invention abroad as well. If everything goes according to the plan, it will soon be available in several European countries.

Photo source: Sarah Photo/flAVATAR Facebook page

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