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Budapest is definitely the perfect city for a romantic weekend getaway. Some people got so inspired by it that they decided to propose to their loved ones here, and not only locals! Watch these often tear-inducing videos, which captured one of someone’s happiest moments in life.

The traditional Hungarian wedding

Anna & Artem

Probably the most intimate proposal on this list belongs to Anna & Artem, who got engaged literally above the city of Budapest AT SUNSET! A unique idea, executed beautifully. Their proposal was so spectacular that Daily News Hungary wrote an entire article about it! If you would like to see more photos of the engagement, and also learn about their love story, you can check out their full story here.

Ola & Lanre

Hungarian wedding photographer András Leiner captured the romantic short story of Ola and Lanre’s short trip to Budapest (and their engagement). They did not only get engaged at night on the Danube, but beforehand, they also visited a cooking class and made traditional Hungarian dishes, and had a typical Hungarian dinner together, starting of course with a shot of pálinka, just to help digestion.

A proposal at Heroes’ square

Bianka & Laci

Bianka and Laci met for the very first time on Váci street, in 2013. Laci seemed to know how special Bianka was from the beginning, as he has been planning the proposal ever since they met. He systematically recorded video messages to Bianka everytime something special happened in their relationship (one-year-anniversary, birthdays, first vacation together, etc.). Bianka had the chance to look at two and a half years’ worth of footage on an extraordinary day in 2016 when Laci decided it was time.

Conny & Miki

Miki decided to get a little help with this whole proposal thing, and he hired an entire dance crew to give a seemingly spontaneous flash mob in front of Saint Stephen’s Basilica. His girlfriend Conny watched the performance amused, not suspecting a thing. When Bruno Mars’s famous song Marry you started playing, viewers knew that something was about to happen.

Dorka & Gergő

Gergő prepared an extra special trailer to come along with his proposal. His girlfriend Dorka thought she was just going to go to the cinema and watch a regular blockbuster when she suddenly recognised her boyfriend on the big screen.

Zsófia & László

An adorable proposal on ice.

Nadia & Mark

When you think of Blaha Lujza square, do you think of a prince on a white horse? Mark really got the power of surprise when he appeared on a white horse dressed as a prince to propose to his girlfriend, Nadia.

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