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Burány Béla, the head of the Hungarian Emergency Medical Services (Országos Mentőszolgálat) has recently revealed to the daily newspaper Népszabadság that from the end of May 2014 EMS will become “more professional and more punctual”. 

The use of the innovative operating system will bring an improvement in the delivery of services for those in need of urgent medical care. The deployment of this management system will mean significant progress: “In 9 cases out 10 ambulance will arrive to the patient within 15 minutes after receiving a call”. Before, dispatchers needed these 15 minutes in order just to pass the signal to paramedics.

According to the interview the Hungarian Emergency Medical Services received financial support from the EU in order to purchase this managing system. This program will enable serious improvement in the working process of both dispatchers and paramedics. According to the official data the number of fully equipped ambulance cars is also growing – right now there are 711 vehicles ready to rescue anyone in need.

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translated by Ekaterina Egorova

Photo: Daily News Hungary



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