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He said that the American self-government is “a 240-year anomaly in world history. We think that what we have here in this country is the way it’s always been. It is a very unusual form of government. The normal form of government throughout world history is dictators, kings, tsars, pharaohs, warlords, tyrants. And we thought twenty years ago the march of history was toward democracy, but it is in retreat in Hungary and Turkey, goodness knows in Russia.”

Senator Angus King added that democracy is fragile, and it rests upon trust. Trust in public officials, in courts, and elections. He highlighted that he understands what happened. He watched some interviews, and it became clear to him that people say that the election was stolen because their leader said that.

“We cannot afford to pull bricks out from the foundation of trust that underlies our entire system.”

He continued that the answer to this problem is to tell people the truth, to tell them what happened. He highlighted that it is hard to tell supporters what they do not want to hear. However, in such situations, it is their obligation.

Below, you can watch the full speech, which found and reported about in the Hungarian media.

As Congress Considers Objections to 2020 Election, Senator King Speaks on Senate Floor

American self-government is a 240-year anomaly in world history, which is largely defined by kings and tyrants. Our system is fragile; it rests upon trust. If we are to do our part to ensure this system survives, we cannot afford to pull bricks out from its foundation.

Posted by Senator Angus S. King, Jr. on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

King said that the voting that happened on Wednesday was a historic one and compared their work to the Congress that supported Abraham Lincoln during the civil war. Finally, he concluded his speech with President Lincoln’s words: “the fiery trial through which we pass will light us down in honour or dishonour to the latest generation.” Senator Angus King is an independent senator from Maine but was a member of the Democratic Party before 1993.

As we reported before, PM Orbán said in a November interview that unlike his Democratic predecessors, Donald Trump had not berated Hungary. He called Trump “a friend of Hungary”, adding that US-Hungary relations had been in top form during his presidency.

That is why, Orbán added, he had “always been for Trump”.

“The outcome will be what it will be; it is the right of the American people to decide who governs America,” he said, adding that it was up to Hungarians “to decide who governs Hungary and how”.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Hungarian government backed Trump during the election process but has been quiet since it came to light that Joe Biden was elected the next president of the United States. Regarding the siege on Wednesday, Katalin Novák, minister without portfolio for family affairs, said on Twitter: “Shocking pictures from #CapitolHill. #Democracy should be safeguarded before, during, and after the elections all over the world.”


  1. Sad to think – and wise to ruminate thereupon – uur once proud and righteous leader, known worldwide as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, sees fit to praise Mr. Trump. But our once illustrious PM also sides with leaders of China, Russia, Turkey… He sees them as friends and the West as enemies. What happened to this youthful hero? I’ll speculate, he is – and has been for some time – in it for himself, not for the benefit of the country. Just like Mr. Trump.
    But PM Orbán will jump from the Trump ship, just like those traitorous Americans who know it is sinking into the murky depths of history.

  2. When was the west friend or ally of Hungary? Kaposztafej will not be able to answer because it has never happened. At the end of WWI , the US signed the Treaty of Trianon. At the end of WWII the US agreed to give Hungary to the Russians, to plunder and rule the Eastern Block. I do not call that act of a friend or ally, that seems to be the act of an enemy.

    Mr. Trump recognized countries’ sovereignty, including Hungary’s. Mr. Trump was the first US president friendly to Hungary. This President did not want to used Hungary for propaganda purposes nor dictate , or black mail the country for US purposes.

    The Hungarian people Democratically elected a FIDESZ ruling government, it is time for the dictators of the world, e.g. Biden, Globalists, EU leftist socialist of Brussels to accept the will of the Hungarian people .

  3. The senator blamed Mr. Trump for the riots. Take note that a democrat never talks about personal responsibility (King pretends to be independent). It is also interesting that the left wing US media and leftist democrats spent 4 years polarizing the population and not not taking responsibility for their actions. There are many countries in the world that are ruled by vicious dictators such as Iran, Somalia, North Korea, etc., notice King did not mention any of those. King probably could not find Hungary on a map. this is the work of Soros, this makes him a puppet of Soros. There must be something in the water in Maine to distort the logic of its inhabitants.

  4. Idiots like him are the reason why people feel betrayed. What he’s saying is: “you guys are a bunch of morons who believe that the election was stolen because your leader say so. Forget about the pile of evidence of fraud and rule braking by Democrats, don’t believe your eyes, just trust me”. Of course, that goes not only for 70% of incredulous republicans but also 31% of independents and 17% of democrats.
    He can quote Lincoln and be as grandiloquent as he pleases, but he’s part of the problem.

  5. There is list of 50 names of countries with dictatorship. Hungary is not on the list. It is time for King and Biden to name countries with real dictators. Slandering Hungary just shows both King’s and Biden’s ignorance.

  6. During WW1 Hungary was neither a friend or ally of the West, likewise during WW2. It’s hardly surprising that in the aftermath of those wars the West were less than inclined to be kind and generous to Hungary. What does Maria Von Claptrap think the West should have done? Give Hungary a bunch of flowers and say thank you for having been our enemy over the last few years?

  7. I did not see King mentioning either Hungary or Turkey in his Twitter message and when I click on the video embedded in the article it would not play. Is it a journalist from Daily News H. who made this up by falsifying King’s speech?
    If King did say it, shame on him. Only those who have no merits resort to belittling other in orders to elevate themselves. Hungary is not a dictatorship and King has no evidence to substantiate that it is. I bet he does not speak a word of Hungarian and he has no clue what the truth (reality) is no matter how many times he repeats the word “Truth”. I would not bother listening to him.

  8. Dear Bobby, there is no falsification, Mr King said what we wrote. You can check it on his Facebook page where his full speech is reachable. All the best, DNH

  9. Anonymous is wrong as usual. Prior to the WWI the Astro-Hungarian Empire was not at odds with the west, simply because, unlike the west, it did not want to extend colonization like France and UK. Austria did not pay a penalty for its participation in WWI. Furthermore, Austria fought on side of Germany. Italy was part of the Axis and only change sides when it became evident that Germany was losing. Germany, Austria nor Italy paid a penalty for their participation of WWII. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the west has always been hostile to Hungary. Neither Brussels or the US, other than Mr. Trump, have ever done a friendly gesture towards Hungary. It is sad to admit, that the terrible Russians, treat Hungary with more respect as a sovereign country than the globalist controlled west. Does Hungary owe allegiance to either Brussels or the US, the answer is NO!

  10. Biden is considering King for a top intelligence position in the White House. We now see which side of his bread is buttered (that’s American for corruption). Play along to get rid of President Trump and you will be rewarded with a job you are not qualified for.
    Nelson, you are correct, he is part of the problem. We call that problem the deep state.

  11. Maria Von Theresia, whoever you are your ignorance in History is appalling and your sciovinism, mixed with typical Hungarian victimism ( probably foreigner gone naive after hearing loads of bs about Trianon… ) is pathetic to say the least.
    1. In 1914 Austria-Hungary was not a federation nor a confederation, it was an empire which was occupying and colonizing ( i.e. exploiting ) regions of Europe which were inhabited by communities belonging to nations which were non German and non Hungarian speaking: Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ruthenian, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bosnian, Italian etc. people were second class citizens of an Empire which was de fact colonial.

    2. Defeated in WW1, Austria lost Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Trentino, Südtirol, Venezia-Giulia, Istria, part of Dalmatia, Bosnia H. Germany lost Alsace, Lorraine, and few other territories. So surely Hungary was not the only one who got punished.

    3. Defeated in WW2 Germany lost its colonies and almost the whole of Prussia. And, obviously, also Austria, Bohemia, Moravia.
    Italy lost its African colonies, Albania, Rhodes and the Dodecannese, Briga and Tenda in the Alps, Zadar, Split, Rijeka, the whole of Istria save for a 2 % of it and several other Dalmatian islands.

    And this is as far as i remember by heart.

  12. There is a different way of looking historical and present national borders. Hungary and Poland are amongst the oldest established countries in Europe. Croatia dynastically united with Hungary in 1102. The rest of Europe consisted of states rather than a unified country. Austria gained rule over Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Trentino, Südtirol, Venezia-Giulia, Istria, through marriages, therefore they were never really part of Austria. Many western European countries worked on colonizing, this usually involved an armed conflict.

    The Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved in 1918, after WWI. There was a large number of Hungarian speaking people in Slovakia Croatia, etc.. therefore, detaching the territories from Hungary was punishing Hungarian citizens living in these territories. There is still conflict of Hungarian descendants living in the detached territories such as Rumania, Slovakia and Ukraine. Territories of Prussia lost after WWII were previously ruled by Poland. It is questionable whether there is a historical right of Germany to these territories. Italy’s only lost colonies to which they never had the right to rule.
    Hungary’s support of Germany mostly depended on geographic location, lack of modern armed forces to protect the country and the hope of maintaining independence.

    As far as the events at the end of WWII, the whole of the eastern block was happily surrendered by the Western allies to Soviet communist rule. Because Austria’s relation to Germany, the allies made a deal to vacate the country of all foreign occupying forces in 1955.

    All events point to the fact that Hungary, Poland, etc.. were not beneficial economically to the western powers, therefore, their abandonment shows that Western Europe and US never had any good intentions towards Hungary or Eastern Europe, Now the Globalists in Brussels and the US want total control of Poland and Hungary, the debasing of the country is increased by the leftist media under globalist control.

    FIDESZ and Mr. Orban only owe loyalty to the Hungarian people and similarly the same applies to Poland not to Western Europe or the US.

    As previously mentioned, it is time for the US to stop playing its farce. There are 50 dictatorships in the world, some are extremely cruel, interfere in their societies if they dare.

  13. If MVT wants to go down the history route, the kingship of Hungary and Croatia changed from the Arpád dynasty in 1301 to the Capetian House of Anjou (French as the name suggests) so if you are going to dredge up ancient history, one could argue that de facto, those territories were controlled by a predominantly French dynasty. Either way, what happened nearly a thousand years ago is hardly relevant.

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