As part of the increased security measures in the Minnesota Capitol, an 18-month-old Hungarian vizsla (dearhound) will help the guards to detect any bombs in the building, was informed.

Many dogs were competing to be part of the guarding team which will be responsible for the building’s safety, but this, year and a half old Hungarian breed proved to be the best: she has an excellent sense of smell, stays calm in every situation, loves humans and attention, and the crowd doesn’t bother her at all.

Tina Smith, governor of Minnesota, said that the dog was named “Matka” because it means mother in Czech. Smith is confident that Matka will be an excellent workforce, will smell trouble from miles, and will guard the premises as a good mother would do.

During the press conference when Matka was introduced the governor also said that most state capitols are using metal detectors and other safety devices, but in Minnesota, these trained dogs do an excellent work and can replace any machine easily.

Cover photo depicting Matka: Star Tribune Facebook page

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