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According to the Hungarian government’s decision, a new building will be built for the Hungarian circus art next to the Nyugati Railway Station. Until the termination of The National Circus Art Center’s construction – which is realised within the framework of Liget Budapest project – the institution is operating on its current site, in the City Park, in the vicinity of Budapest Zoo.

Based on the government’s decision – the two times greater National Circus Art Center will be built on a five times larger territory – announced by Péter Fekete, Cultural Secretary of Human Resources Department.

He also added: construction of The National Circus Art Center will be realised in one of the most valuable areas of ​​Budapest, near the Western Railway Station; and will reflect the size and quality of the world-famous Hungarian circus art. Additionally, the centre will not only serve as a circus but will operate as a school, museum and research centre. Further good news is that during the new building’s construction, Capital Circus of Budapest will smoothly operate in its present location, in the City Park.

As the Hungarian news portal describes, government decision on the implementation of the project appeared in the Official Gazette on Friday night. The centre will be built within the framework of the Liget Budapest project; it will be realised next to Nyugati Railway Station, bounded by Eiffel Square, Podmaniczky street and Ferdinand Bridge areas. According to the Cabinet’s decision, circus facilities of Zugló and Cinkota will be maintained and even renovated. In December 2015, government decree of Liget Budapest project concluded the construction of the new building. Two years later, the government decided to build the complex in a new place.

Péter Fekete, former director of the Capital Circus of Budapest already emphasised in 2015 that – a site next to Nyugati Railway Station would meet main demands, as it would be visible from 4 and 6 trams as well; furthermore, an appropriate floor space could be created for the future circus art centre.

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