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A Hungarian group called Recirquel absolutely impressed the critics at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They keep getting 5-star reviews and are deemed to have the best show out of thousands of spectacles at the prestigious circus festival – reports

The show mesmerising everyone

The group’s show is called My Land that has sold out all tickets ever since the premiere happened on the 1st of August. All of the reviews have been very favourable, calling the show a “masterpiece” that has a “spectacular visual world, a brilliant production” and showcases

“the best ever technical solutions put on stage at the Fringe”.

The show was directed by Bence Vági who combined contemporary dance with circus moves and the theatre. In Edinburgh, it can be seen until the 26th of August while the Hungarian premiere will take place in October during CAFe Budapest.

recirquel, fetival, edinburgh
Recirquel performance

My Land focuses on the roots of humanity and the unbreakable connection between humans and Mother Nature. It all takes place in a space full of various illusions. It is also Recirquel’s first production that only features artists from abroad. The Hungarian director  Bence Vági invited 7 internationally acclaimed Ukrainian acrobats and

incorporated their journey, their stories – about tradition, freedom and love – when he created the show.

He said that “They really liked us at the Fringe last year as well but My Land‘s reception has surpassed all our expectations.” The founder-director explains that the atmosphere around them is often revolutionary, a standing ovation closes each show and almost all tickets have been sold out in advance, attracting the attention of critics and fellow acrobats.


A magazine called Voice wrote about the spectacle that it is an incredible show combining physical theatre, contemporary dance and circus techniques where “suddenly you just catch yourself falling into a swoon out of bliss”. A Scottish paper called The Scotsman emphasised the atmosphere of the show, noting how “every little movement is full of tension that forever keeps on escalating”.

recirquel, festival fringe
Recirquel performance

The EdinburghGuide calls it a “mystical show”, adding that no definition of circus is enough to describe all the limits that Recirquel is pushing. The biggest critics paper of the festival, BroadwayBaby, was absolutely mesmerised by the show’s “strength and flexibility”, emphasising how this was

the spectacle with the most amazing technical solutions that they have ever seen at the Fringe.

Critics were not the only ones captured by the show. Alessandro Serena circus historian and professor at the Milan University claims that My Land is truly a masterpiece and a real milestone in the history of modern circus shows. She also said it is like nothing she has ever experienced.

About the festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival lasts for about 4 weeks each August and attracts about 2 million people. Close to 4 thousand shows get put on stage, with performers coming from all over the world. The Recirquel Group made an appearance last year, with a show called ‘Paris at Night’. They received overwhelmingly positive reactions and got the call-back for this year because of it.

recirquel, edinburgh, festival
Advertisement for My Land in Edinburgh

Thousands of productions get reviewed each year at the festival.

Right now, Recirquel has five 5-star and one 4-star review, putting their show in the first place – 2nd place if the entire festival’s programmes are considered.

Not to mention the other two 5-star reviews, by The Voice and The Edinburgh Reporter, that do not even count when it comes to the ranking.

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