Border protection base of Hungarian Defence Forces completed on the Serbian-Hungarian border, photo: Károly Árvai / Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s refugee policy reached a “new low” with the decision to “lock refugees into containers”, Amnesty International (AI) said on Friday.

The international human rights organisation responded to government office chief János Lázár’s Thursday announcement that asylum seekers in Hungary will be required to remain in shelters comprised of containers during the assessment period.

“This is the government’s latest attempt to criminalise and demonise vulnerable people,” AI expert Aron Demeter told MTI, adding that once approved, the legislation would represent a clear breach of EU law and the Geneva Convention.

He cited AI’s European deputy director Gauri van Gulik as saying that the bill was a new reason for the EU to take a resolute stand against the Hungarian government’s “appalling measures that clearly defy international law”.

Lázár announced on Thursday that the government will define a mandatory place of residence for those seeking to immigrate. This place of residence will be on the border, where containers holding 200-300 will be erected. Asylum applicants will be required to await assessment there, Lázár said.

Source: MTI

  1. Sure,
    Amnesty International an NGO, calls them all ‘refugees’ while the rest of Europe now sees them for what they are, 90% Econo-tourists, 5% refugees, and ?% ISIS. Sure it’s OK for an NGO, to pick on Hungary as they have been the smarter on this Human smuggling event. Dont hear anything about the Human Smuggling from Amnesty International. Wonder if Soros is funding this group as well.
    By the way, it was a Vienna Convention that brought the central and east side of europe together to come up with a plan on ‘migrants’, not refugees. So who are these ‘migrants’ who refuse to declare themselves at the border with their list of demands!! Explain Amnesty International, you fakes!!

  2. Yes, I second that. Who infact are Amnesty International? Whenever a country tries to do something positive to enhance the security of it’s people, something like Amnesty International, whoever they are, or other organizations come to the fore to stop it. At this present moment, there are two such migrants coming from outside the EU, Illegal migrants and Refugees. It seems the difference is a 95-5% split, so more of the migrants are illegal. It is not the right of any country to accept anyone without identification. If I wanted to go and visit, say Russia, I would need a legal passport and a legal visa. So, there we have it. It is no good illegal migrants knocking on the door, or ripping the fence down if they haven’t legal entry permits. The only permissible ones are run aways from war, refugees, but they still have to be thoroughly vetted to gain entry. What the Hungarian government is doing, is the correct thing. To allow the illegal imigrants to wander the country is suicide to the countries residents. To round them all up from every corner of the country sounds logical, and to keep them contained on the other side of the border while being processed. Illegal migrants, in any one’s book, are after nothing more than free handouts, free accomodation and housing. It has been proved in Germany that this is the case, whereby, out of the million or so that were accepted, only 30,000 are willing to work. On top of that, among the hord, there are criminals- sex affenders and so on, and potential terrorists. With this in mind, is it not a wonder that the Hungarian government are taking these added steps!!!?? The way the article was written, makes people believe that the immigrants will be locked in containers for thier period of process. That is a ridiculous statement. They would live in a compound and sleep in the containers. Yes Piszcosvedo, Soros is behind everything, with his NGO groups and his hords of money. The man has a cheek to be recognised as a Hungarian, and needs illiminating from the earth, NOW. To also concider that Austria is breaking thier necks stopping cars and buses checking for imigrants. It is noted that the traffic cues reach about 5 to 10 kilometres. The fact is, neither Austria, Hungary, Czek, Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia, do not want all these migrants. Hungary has been doing thier fair share by guarding the southern border and have already taken in several hundred refugees.

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