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Hungarian government protests Amnesty International ‘campaign for Ahmed H’

"#Soros's organisations not only help #migrants enter but continue supporting them even if they commit serious #crimes"

These are the most corrupt countries in the World, Hungary got terrible place in the ranking – TI

The 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) released today by Transparency International reveals that the continued failure of most countries to significantly control corruption is contributing to […]

Amnesty International criticises Hungarian government for 2017 human rights record

There are problems concerning #migration, NGOs and higher #education, according to Amnesty International #Hungary #Hungarian

Fidesz: Soros-backed organisations already attacking ‘Stop Soros’ bill

Fidesz MP: the bill is about Hungary refusing to become an "immigrant country", refusing to accept economic and illegal migrants

Amnesty voices concern over deepening Orbán-Netanyahu ties

Amnesty International: Orbán and Netanyahu politicians "thrive on hatred towards universal human values and norms

Parliament votes to strengthen border, tighten asylum rules – UPDATE

Parliament approved measures tightening existing asylum regulations in Hungary

Amnesty International report critical of Hungary

Budapest, February 22 (MTI) – Human rights organisation Amnesty International (AI) presented a section of its recently published global report, concerning Hungary, at a press conference […]

Amnesty International: Hungary’s proposed new border control rules unlawful

Budapest, February 17 (MTI) – The government’s package of amendments aimed at stricter regulations of border control is in conflict with both domestic and international legislation, […]

Amnesty International calls “locking refugees” a new low in Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s refugee policy reached a “new low” with the decision to “lock refugees into containers”, Amnesty International (AI) said on Friday. The international […]

Amnesty criticises Hungary for emergency measures

Budapest, January 17 (MTI) – Several European Union members, including Hungary, have passed counter-terrorism measures which curb fundamental human rights and freedoms, Amnesty International said in […]

Amnesty’s claims on treatment of migrants in Hungary unfounded?

Budapest, September 27 (MTI) – Amnesty International’s claims about the treatment of migrants in Hungary are completely unfounded, the interior ministry state secretary said on Tuesday. […]

Amnesty International Hungary: Referendum result not binding for EU

Budapest, September 5 (MTI) – The result of Hungary’s upcoming migrant quota referendum will not have a binding effect on the European Union, the head of […]

Amnesty concerned about anti-terrorism changes restricting human rights

Budapest, May 11 (MTI) – Hungary’s constitutional and legal changes aimed at enabling the government to take anti-terrorism measures could also lead to a broad range […]

Amnesty International: Hungary strongest opponent to pan-European migration solution

London, February 24 (MTI) – Hungary showed the strongest opposition to a pan-European solution to the migrant crisis out of all European countries last year, and […]

Amnesty International criticises Hungary’s migration policy

London, October 8 (MTI) – Amnesty International criticises the Hungarian government’s migration policies and makes proposals on measures in a report released in London on Thursday. […]