London, October 8 (MTI) – Amnesty International criticises the Hungarian government’s migration policies and makes proposals on measures in a report released in London on Thursday.

Hungary’s attempts to insulate itself against a regional, and wider global, refugee crisis can only be achieved at the expense of the respect of its international human rights and refugee law obligations, the world’s leading human rights organisation said in its comprehensive report.

Hungary’s policies also represent a structural threat to the rule of law and the respect for human rights that other member states and EU institutions cannot afford to ignore, AI said in the report it conducted by interviewing migrants, among others.

Photo: MTI


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  1. When will outside countries and organisations stop poking their nose into other democratic countries business and policies? They the constant interferers do not understand the word democracy, it means the will of the people not the will of some external busy body who neither has the job of either financing nor living with the final product.
    I will quote for their edification one of the London Boroughs housing officers comments broadcast recently on channel 4or5 UK, “We are full up, we have no more rentable accommodation for existing citizenry nor immigrants, we will however supply you with a train ticket to Birmingham (some 100 miles away) and you can go and try your luck there!!”. This applied to homeless people some of which had always lived in London only to find themselves homeless at the age of over 65.

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