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Amnesty International: Hungary’s proposed new border control rules unlawful

Amnesty International: Hungary’s proposed new border control rules unlawful

Budapest, February 17 (MTI) – The government’s package of amendments aimed at stricter regulations of border control is in conflict with both domestic and international legislation, Amnesty International (AI) Hungary said on Friday.

The government’s starting position is wrong because there is no migration crisis in Hungary with only around 400 asylum seekers currently staying in the country, the organisation said. Those people could be accommodated at the current migrant reception facilities, AI said, and insisted it is not true that stricter measures are needed for the protection of the Schengen border.

Under the package of amendments submitted on Tuesday, all illegal entrants would be escorted back to the other side of the border. This means that people fleeing from wars and persecution would be collectively removed from Hungary’s territory, without a legal procedure, which stands against the constitution, AI said.

In line with the amendment, as long as the government maintains the state of mass migration crisis, asylum-seekers will be held in detention while their request is being assessed. According to AI Hungary, it is unlawful to keep people in detention without a court ruling and without access to legal remedy.

The proposed amendment also disregards an EU principle which prohibits detention purely on the basis of an asylum request. It could result in old and sick people or families with small children getting locked up, the statement said.

AI Hungary said it is especially problematic that under the proposal unaccompanied minors would be removed from the scope of child protection regulations. As a result, they would suffer serious discrimination due to their migrant status and age, which would violate the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child and also Hungary’s constitution.

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  1. Patrick

    Patrick..this is typical of the U.S. based Amnesty International.based in Washington D.C. discribed by many as “Degenerate Cesspit”–given the adolescent nonsense going on there- it’s pretty accurate!! Without the Hungarian security on the southern border-imitated there after when reality set in- central Europe would have wound as the “migrant warehouses” that Greece and Italy have become. Amnesty do a lot of good work but they have this one WRONG! How many migrants is Von Trump going to throw out?? As spring and summer approach Europe needs its southern border very secure. What happened in CUETA (Spanish enclave) yesterday proved that. 400 or more migrant North Africans cut their into Europe in a co-ordinated attack. There has got to be repatriation and it has to be set up now or we are going to reap a real whirlwind of trouble. Political instability in Europe is going to get worse this year and is a real problem we can all do without. I am an old fashioned Canadian centerist from British Columbia..UK based but planning on moving to Hungary. Rationality is going to be in very short supply this year!! The Visgrad Group all have their quirks but but I think stability will prevail–we desperately need it!!

  2. VEDO

    This story that was invented, is so misinforming on so many fronts. That it would be like trying to believe that Godzilla is amongst us and that we better hide and let him have his way or else the ‘domestic and international legislation, Amnesty International (AI), EU principle, United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, are all going to be violated. According to SOROS’s NGO Amnesty International (AI), we should lay back and let peace loving ISIS come into Europe and have their way, NOT!



  4. Anonymous

    Well done Hungary. Oppose these globalist Soros funded treason mongers.

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