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Daily News Hungary

Hungary’s government once again “cannot be proud” of its human rights record, according to human rights watchdog Amnesty International (AI) annual report for 2017 released on Thursday morning.

Hungary’s “performance” in preserving human rights has in certain areas deteriorated “even compared to 2016”, AI Hungary head Júlia Iván told a press conference on Thursday.

The report found that the particularly problematic areas are “severe breaches of law against asylum-seekers and migrants, the higher education law harming academic freedom and the persecution and restriction of NGOs.”

In the report, AI wrote: “Hungary reached a new low by passing legislation allowing pushbacks of all people found in an irregular situation in the country and by introducing the automatic detention of asylum-seekers, in blatant breach of EU law.”

Source: MTI

  1. Today amnesty-international criticises the Hungarian-government, Micron in France, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech republic and Mr. Trump today.

  2. Amnesty-International have no right to criticise the Hungarian government or any other countries government for that matter. They are a group financed by Soros open society, and are not interested what people, other than themselves, think about migration. They are migrant lovers, fact. What a countries government does about migrancy problems, is their concern if it means the protection of the country and its people. Amnesty-international, keep yours noses out and go and get a proper job that will help the country and not hinder it.

  3. Amnesty-International are rubbish, and need to be done away with. They create unnecessary concern, especially about migration. Go get yourselves a proper job and leave the deciding factors to the government.

  4. Amnesty-International wants disbanding. They are a disgrace to society.

  5. AI has done nothing for the Hungarian/Szekely/Csango minorities continually being discriminated against in foreign countries. They are similar to the U.N. and shoot their mouth off as long as it is not against a dictator.

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