A gastro village will soon open at the Southern Great Plain, where visitors can try numerous local, traditional meals, not just the well-known fisherman’s soup of Baja. The Gastro-Hungarikum Court will be the best place to find culinary specialities in the countryside.

Hello Vidék reports that a courtyard similar to Római-part from Budapest will open soon in Baja, in the Southern Great Plain. The Gastro-Hungarikum Court will offer a chance to try both well-known traditional dishes from the Great Plain and exciting local specialities.  

The location of the Gastro-Hungarikum Court is ideal for many reasons: green scenery and the Sugovica River surrounds it, there is a running track nearby, a lovely walking trail and lots of shade to relax.

The overall atmosphere of this small region makes it the perfect spot for a place like Gasztro-Hungarikum.

The development of the culinary unit of the Youth Hostel and Camping Baja has been in progress for years, but with the help of a tender, this endeavour could now be turned into a community space where culture and tradition are cultivated and respected.

gasztro-hungarikum falu baja
The design plan, via Hello Vidék
photo: hellovidek.hu

Barnabás Bócsa, the manager of Baja Marketing Kft., the company developing the courtyard, said that he has noticed during his travels in the neighbouring countries that the younger generation enjoys dancing and singing along to local folk music – something that is rarely seen in Hungary. Their goal is to change this by establishing the Gasztro-Hungarikum Court and inviting folk bands to entertain people during dinner.

This way, the local gastronomy of Bácska will be linked together with traditions.

The programs taking place at the Gasztro-Hungarikum Court will include dance and music evenings, fairs, interactive artisan presentations and wine tastings, where local manufacturers will be able to present their crafts. During the football championship, the matches will be projected to a huge led wall, so that fans can enjoy good food and their favourite sport at the same time.

There will also be soon a Hungarikum exhibition, where the preparation of the fisherman’s soup of Baja will be presented: an ark, a fishing net, a cauldron and the ingredients will all be on display, along with a colourful, detailed explanation of the steps through pictures.

Besides, there will be courses where visitors can learn to cook the famous fisherman’s soup from experts,

like the champion Dr György Novics, the nation’s fisherman Ferenc Lévai, or the aerobat Péter Besenyei.

Aside from the cooking courses focused on the Baja fisherman’s soup, other local culinary wonders will be highlighted too: there will be weekends dedicated to the meat with rice from Bácska, the spicy scone from Szeremle, the strudel from Csanád, the chitterlings and sausage served with steamed cabbage from Bácska, or the catfish stew and the goulash.

However, there will be no interactive smart devices installed, in the hope that the locally produced specialities will be entertaining enough in themselves and people will be more focused on taking part in cooking than in posting the process to social media.

The courtyard will open near October or November 2019, so from next year, people can enjoy this new, exciting introduction to the Hungarian culinary scene.

featured image: Daily News Hungary

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