shares the internet’s latest favourite video: a guy proposed to the love of his life in a super romantic way and, furthermore, in our capital.

We might say videos of proposals have been flooding the internet for a while now, watching them may come useful when someone cannot think of any ways and is looking for a cool idea, or they just simply give a pleasant experience: two people having probably the happiest moment of their lives (so far).

However, this video possibly tops the romance-o-meter. A foreign young gentleman chose Budapest to be the most suitable place to pop the big question to his love. He surprised the one in front of the Basilica, one of the most beautiful sights of Budapest.

Some people come in white T-shirts, each carrying a flower, giving it to the girl, who gets surprised and also probably starts to suspect what is actually going on. Eventually, holding a huge bouquet of flowers she gets proposed to and, luckily, her answer is yes.


Copy editor: bm


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