Among the 300,000 postcards of the Hungaricana Postcards collection you’re sure to find one that you like, be it about the streets of Budapest, First World War soldiers with their eggs on Easter, or celebrities of the age. chose to introduce the readers to a person who’s photo they found among the cards, and he is said to be the world’s smallest newspaper boy.

Andris Kis (his family name is Small, although it remains a mystery whether it was his real name, or just a nickname), was first referred to as the smallest person in Nyíregyháza, then the smallest person in Nyíregyháza and the smallest newspaper boy in the world. discovered Andris’ photo on a postcard at the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Portal, dated back to 1911, when Andris was 26 years old, and only 86 cm tall.

Although he was really famous back in his time, there’s not much we know about him today. However, it’s almost certain that he was born in 1885, because he was 20 years old on a postcard sent in 1905, and was 26 years old on another postcard, sent in 1911.

Here’s Andris at the age of 20, and 22.

Photo: (Andris at the age of 19)

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