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Hungarian wine area paramounted by the EU

Hungarian wine area paramounted by the EU

The European Commission has just given the honourable title of PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) to a particular type of Hungarian wine, as reported. The title is valid for the wines made out of the grapes coming from the area of Monor in the northern region of Hungary.

The brand that the committee awarded is called Mono or Monori. The title affects all three types of wine (white, red and rosé), even the cuvées made from them. The only strict requirement is that the grape itself has to be from the wine region of Monor, Pest County. The so-called Monori Pincefalu (“Wine Cellar Village of Monor”) is also located in the area, dedicated only to merchandising and popularising the unique wine brands made in Monor.

The names of the PDOs can be found on the e-Bacchus list of the European Union.

This database contains about 1755 entries right now with their geographical marks. The European Commission protects the regions listed here. Moreover, it also includes geographic locations related to wine regions outside the European Union. These areas can be recorded on the list by mutual commercial agreements between the EU and the certain country where the area is located.


The wine area of Monor is located in the northern part of Hungary, more accurately on the southwestern mountainside of Cserhát. It is part of the North Hungarian Mountains, though Monor itself is only considered a collection of hills.

This territory is quite unique concerning the composition of the soil.

None of the other wine regions in Hungary are similar to Monor in this sense, and this particular soil is one of the main reasons why the taste of the grapes grown there are incomparable to anything else – even the world-famous Tokaj or Villány cannot reproduce this. The wines made of these unique grapes are low on acid but tend to be relatively strong from the aspect of alcohol. However, they contain a high amount of minerals, also due to the rich materials in the soil.

Besides the wines of Monor, several other Hungarian products have already received PDO title, including the onion of Makó, the paprika of Szeged and Kalocsa, the “szalámi” of Szeged and the horseradish of Hajdúság.


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