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Hungary’s government will survey citizens on family policy in a national consultation that will launch in just a couple of weeks, state secretary Csaba Dömötör said at an annual meeting of the National Association of Large Families (NOÉ) in Tata, in the northwest of the country, on Saturday.

It is the stated goal of the government to make Hungary a family-friendly place, Dömötör said.

“We want to decide together on further measures necessary to achieve this goal in the framework of a national consultation,” he added.

Hungary’s government has held a number of national consultations over the years seeking feedback from citizens on important policy issues.

Thanks to measures the government has already taken, 83,000 families have been awarded home purchase subsidies, households have saved 1.9 billion forints (EUR 6m) because of family tax preferences, and the number of places in creches is up 50 percent, Domotor said.

“Strong families are an indispensable centre-stage presence for the renewal of Europe,” he added.

NOÉ president Katalin Gyurkóü Kardos said the association had organised the autumn meeting for the third time with the aim of fostering ties and sharing the benefits of living in large families.

NOÉ has more than 12,000 members in over 200 local groups across the country. The association has close to 1,500 volunteers.

Source: MTI

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