antall józsef summer school
Photo: József Summer School

The seventh Antall József Summer School will provide the backdrop to discussions about Visegrád cooperation and pressing topics affecting the region, Peter Dobrowieczki, the head of the Antall József EU-V4 Knowledge Centre told public media on Sunday.

The goal of the two-week professional training programme, held every year since 2013, is to highlight the strong presence of the central European region and the Visegrád Group in particular, Dobrowieczki told the M1 current affairs channel.

Students from the neighborhood to the west or east do not necessarily see clearly what central Europe wants to achieve in Europe in the second decade of the 21st century, he said.

The school’s foreign policy, security and cultural programme will allow participants to gain insights into the life of the region, he added.

This year, security will be the primary topic in light of the NATO accession anniversary of the Visegrád states and current security challenges facing the EU.

Each year, 30-35 students arrive from various countries and a total of 250-300 students have participated in the programme so far, he noted.

Source: MTI

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