reports that since the Welsh actor, Anthony Hopkins adopted a Hungarian stray cat, the life of the small animal has completely changed. Here is how the Hungarian cat, named Niblo, became a resident of the Hopkins’ household and led an enviable luxury life. 🙂

The story of the lucky cat was revealed to the public by Bernard Fekete, a Hungary-born fine art dealer. He talked to the famous actor in his Malibu home when it came to a painting representing him with his wife and a cat. That was when Hopkins unfolded the story of the Hungarian cat that still lives with them.

Later on, more details were revealed. In fact, the art dealer got to know that the stray cat was brought to the concierge of a hotel to find a responsible pet owner for the unlucky creature. This was the same hotel where the actor stayed while filming in Budapest. The next day, Hopkins and his wife sent a truckload of cat toys and furnished a room for the animal.

They waited hoping that a well-to-do and responsible owner would pop up, but as Bernard reports, Hopkins and his wife, Stella, were so nuts about the cat, that they finally decided to take it with them to Malibu.

Here is the video in which Hopkins funnily talks about his cat being his best assistant. Enjoy! 🙂

And here is a Facebook photo of him and his pet!

/facebook/Anthony Hopkins/

The Hungarian cat was named Niblo, and it has a pretty enviable luxury life besides a fantastic career. In fact, since the beginning of its new life, the cat has popped up in several paintings that later got into the hands of prosperous art dealers and were on display. This is a magical, fairytale-like turn of events, but as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.

We wish all the best to the cat and his famous owner! 🙂

Featured image: Facebook/Anthony Hopkins


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