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The Ethics Committee of the Order of the “Star of Romania” found Hunor Kelemen, president of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR/RMDSZ) unsuited for holding on to the award. This is because he said that Hungarians have nothing to celebrate regarding 1918 Romanian Great Union. The emblematic figure of the 1989 Romanian revolution and Hungarian leader in Romania, László Tőkés was also deprived from his decoration in 2016.

Hungarians living in Romania cannot celebrate the 1918 centennial

To start with, the Gyulafehérvár Resolutions of 1 December 1918 declared Romania’s union with the mainky Hungarian- and German- inhabited Transylvania. Thus, Romania is going to celebrate the centennial of its unification next year. As Daily News Hungary already reported, Hunor Kelemen stated in an interview that Hungarians living in Romania can not and do not want to celebrate the centennial of the formation of the modern Romanian state. He added that

Romania has aimed to assimilate Hungarian minorities since 1918 and the goal is the same today.

Not surprisingly, the state’s anti-Hungarian attitude prevents the local community to develop loyalty towards Bucharest. According to Kelemen,

Romanians should understand and accept the feelings of the Hungarian community.

Strenghtening anti-Hungarian attitude in Romania
Hunor Kelemen: ‘in the strengthening anti-Hungarian atmosphere we, Hungarians living in the 21st century have to talk very straight about who we are and what we would like to do.’

Kelemen was harassed for days during the summer in the Romanian media because of what he said. Moreover, some civil organizations even demanded that Bucharest should take away his citizenship.

In fact, Kelemen received the “Star of Romania” in 2000 for developing Hungarian-Romanian cultural ties. However, the Ethics Committee of the Order found him unsuited for holding on to it by a 6:1 majority. They

suggested that the Romanian president should take away the decoration of the Hungarian leader.

Thus, final decision lies in the hand of Klaus Johannis.

Kelemen: we must express our opinion bravely, even if the anti-Hungarian atmosphere is strengthening 

After the decision Kelemen said ‘we must express our opinion bravely even if they withdraw each of our decorations.’ According to his official website, he highlighted that Hungarian people do not have a cause to celebrate the centennial, but they respect it. Furthermore, he highlighted that

it is among basic values of democracy to express opinion freely and to celebrate only if one feels like to.

Depriving him from the decoration means that Romania is restricting freedom of speech. He added that ‘in the strengthening anti-Hungarian atmosphere we, Hungarians living in the 21st century have to talk very straight about who we are and what we would like to do.’ 

Budapest should prepare for anti-Hungarian attacks

As Daily News Hungary reported, Member of the European Parliament, László Tőkés was also deprived from his “Star of Romania”.

He received the decoration because of his heroic deeds that lead to the downfall of the communist Ceaușescu-regime in 1989. His decoration was taken away in 2016 because Tőkés suggested – following the Austrian example in case of South-Tyrol – Hungary to become protective power over Hungarians living in Transylvania.

The number of anti-Hungarian actions has been increasing lately. Firstly, Romanian authorities persecute Hungarian national symbols, secondly, they restrict their education and culture rights. Moreover, Bucharest distracts EU- and state funds from territories with a Hungarian majority like Szeklerland (Székelyföld). In fact,

many think that depriving Hungarian icons of state decorations is just a further step towards boosting assimilation.

Thus, many regard these as the beginning of a nationalist or rather a chauvinist zeal which might peak during the centennial celebrations.

Biggest Hungarian opposition party,

Jobbik tried to warn the government and initiated legislative acts regarding the protection of Hungarian minorities and preparation for the Romanian centennial celebrations.

However, these did not gain governmental support so far.

Photo: Daily News Hungary, miko3szek

Source: mno.hu, kelemenhunor.ro, Daily News Hungary

  1. Romanian leadership is like that of a jackass. The brains are in the rear and this is how they try tp progress with every forward step moves two backwards. A country so backwards it makes ISIS look advanced.

  2. Thi is happening because Klaus Iohannis, the president of Romania, is a Soros man. He became president by Soros help. So, it’s understandable that in Romania the anti-Hungarian movement is straightening.

  3. Too bad. Romania could be a much better country and successful if they had a more open minded government.

  4. It’s their country. Hungarians living there should try to integrate, not divide. That territory won’t ever be Hungary again…

  5. Hungarians living in Romanian territory should try to integrate, not separate and divide. The territory won’t change in the following generations at least. I guess they always have the option to leave and come back to Hungary.

  6. @Michael stevenson or whoever,
    Your either a complete jackass or an ignorant S.O.B.. If you even a dinkaling of whats going on there, you’ld know the enthic Hungarians are the victims and the thugs remaining in that country are led by the President ( ala support of George Soros). All the Romanians that had any brains other the old and feeble have left that country. If you ask where the next war will start, it’s there, at least one hot spot. But you already know that because you just another George NGO troll aren’t you…

  7. No Michael Stevenson, Romania should try to build bridges instead of trying to divide and push anti-Hungarian sentiment. It’s their laws and ignorance which helps to inflame hatred. Romania was literally given Transylvania and its large Hungarian and Szekely population, being clueless and blinded by nationalism has done nothing but divide the inhabitants. Maybe when the Romania eventually arrives in the 20th or better yet, the 21st century, will the country begin to prosper. As it stands presently. it is one of the most backward thinking countries in Europe.

  8. Citing from your article “the Gyulafehérvár Resolutions of 1 December 1918 declared Romania’s union with the mainky Hungarian- and German- inhabited Transylvania.” (the spelling mistake is not mine).

    Check in any proper historical document and you will be surprised to find out that Romanians represented more than half of the population, according to previous Hungarian censuses, which included Hungarian speaking Jews and Gypsies as Hungarians.

    Transylvania (Romania) Romanian – 2,819,467 (54%) 1,658,045 (31.7%) German – 550,964 (10.5%) (easily accessible source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Trianon).

    How can you justify this fake statement? It doesn’t help very much to build bridges. While I am glad to find nice photos on Transylvania, it is a bit strange to find them under the category Special Hungary. Better wake up to reality.

    And Edward – try reading some real books on the history of Transylvania before writing (yes, Roessler does not count). It would be less embarrassing for you.

  9. @Dan,
    Although Transylvania was a large part of the Hungarian empire for over 1000years and the borders did sway. Nobody is saying that Romanians were not a part of it. Many migrated north to escape the greeko-roman empire which only seeked to enslave them. King Istvan the first King of Hungary allowed Romanians the protection within Transylvania where the Greeks and Romans wouldn’t dare enter with their practices. What became of the population of Hungarians vs Romanians after a large series of invasions both from the Mongol empire that slaughtered 50% of the Magyars, vs the Ottomans more recently does not give anyone a final judgement of say if you decide to take a poll of 100years after all the battles and losses. The truth is that Hungary was cheated of it’s lands and the government today recognizes some pockets of Hungarians living abroad and like the Americans leave no-one behind. This is the reality..

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