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In every profession, there are risks, but when it comes to maritime offshore work on an oil rig, the dangers are much more physical, lethal and probable. The promise of high payment is what makes these jobs tempting, but being aware of the possible injuries may very well help you protect yourself from them.

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Helicopter Accident

A large number of offshore driller companies use helicopters for transportation, and according to the CDC, an alarming percentage of those helicopter rides to and from oil rigs end in accidents. Helicopter accidents have a very high fatality rate, with most survivors suffering from debilitating injuries at the very least.

Since 2013, the numbers have not been made public, but suffice to say that adverse weather conditions, which are cited as the responsible cause in almost all cases, have not changed too much.

Oil rig equipment is extremely dangerous if each and every personnel on the rig isn’t trained well enough to know exactly what their role is. A single touch with a portion of the drill, a lose piece of equipment falling from overhead, a slip or anything of the sort can result in instant fatality or gruesome injuries.

Fire and Explosion: Absolutely Devastating

Both fires and explosions are such intuitive possibilities when you are drilling for gas and oil in the middle of the ocean, and yet, due to the strict measures taken post the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 and plenty of them before that spread all across the world, the incidents have come down in number and ferocity.

It is to be noted, though, that small fires and explosions do still occur near and on oil rigs, but there are better measures of control in place now to stop them from becoming a disaster for human and ocean life alike.

Falls and Trips

A common cause for concern, be it on an oil rig or inside a New York office building, is that of slipping and falling. However, when you are on an oil rig and you slip on oil/water, the fall could be much more devastating and may even lead to death.

Are You Already Suffering Due to an Offshore Accident?

In case you, or anyone close to you, have been unfortunate enough to be a part of anything we have or have not discussed so far, then it is time to fight back with the help of an experienced offshore injury attorney as soon as possible.

Do not accept any reparations without at least consulting a specialist offshore injury attorney first because chances are that the employing company will give the injured party or the surviving claimants only a fraction of what they might be entitled to in return for signing a non-compete agreement.

There are obviously risks and rewards associated with offshore oil rig employment, but just by knowing what to expect, you have now become a little bit less likely to suffer from a debilitating or even life-ending accident onsite.

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