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The Russians do not want to receive their own vaccine. However, production will not stop; more and more vaccines are planned to be made in the future. The surplus can go to countries whose governments have good relations with the Russian government, for example, Hungary.

Moscow Time reports that Russia will supply more and more vaccines to those who require them. This is because, according to surveys, the Russian population does not trust the Sputnik vaccine and would prefer the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. In contrast, Sputnik’s production is at unprecedented heights. This is partly due to the entry of a new manufacturer, writes

The production of the Sputnik vaccine has encountered many difficulties. By the end of last year, 10 million doses had been promised, but only about half of that has arrived in Hungary by now. By early February, 7 million doses had been licensed. However, experts say this is all in the past and that production’s speed will rapidly increase. According to Vitalij Saknazarov, director of quality assurance at the pharmaceutical company COREX,

30 per cent of the total production of the Russian vaccine is aimed at foreign markets.

As a result of an unexpected issue with their production, only a third of the first shipment of 300 thousand doses promised to Hungary has arrived. However, this is about to change. A professor at the Skoltech Pharmaceutical Research Institute believes it realistic that the production capacity of the Sputnik V could be increased to 30 million doses per month by March and 40 million doses per month by June. R-Pharm, a pharmaceutical company owned by Russian billionaire Alexej Pepik, will also begin its production. This company alone can produce 10 million doses of the vaccine per month.

However, the future may hold challenges. Increasing production can cause shortages in certain raw materials. Moreover, another aspect that could potentially complicate the situation is the emergence of newer Russian vaccines.

One thing is for sure, the Russians’ desire to vaccinate will not curb the export of vaccines.

Both foreign and local polls suggest that the Russian population is sceptical towards their vaccine.

The distrust can best be explained by the fact that the vaccine was approved by the authorities before its tests were completed. The Russian government is confident that it will be able to vaccinate 60 per cent of the population by the end of 2021, but only a few experts believe in this goal.

It is much more likely that most Russian vaccines will be delivered to countries close to Russia, such as Hungary.


  1. Astounded this made it to be exposed to the citizens of Hungary.
    Glad it made it for publication.
    Lot of thinking needs to go into receiving this Russian “supposed” vaccine.
    Same can be said of the Chinese mixture.
    Data like others examined tried and tested approved by the European Union should be the procedure.
    Could have a promotional piece of propaganda -the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin – sleeve rolled up and same Prime Minister – Victor Orban being injected with the Russian formula.
    Leadership – leading from the front by EXAMPLE.
    Freedom of Choice – should not be disregarded as a right of citizens when they notified of an immunization date.

  2. Yet more advice from Mr. Albert Andrew Booth, the self-appointed VACCINE EXPERT !!

    Exactly WHAT medical qualifications does this ‘know-it-all’ have, apart from continually PONTIFICATING on subjects about which he OBVIOUSLY has no knowledge whatsoever ?

    If this IDIOT had his way, Hungarians would have to wait for SEVERAL MONTHS before vaccines ‘blessed’ by those bureaucratic fools in Brussels finally arrive in Hungary – if at all.

    By the way, Mr. Booth, hopefully YOU will have to wait that long to get YOUR vaccination – no favours of any sort should be extended to loud-mouth expats like yourself !

  3. This troll who signs himself as “mario” is one of the many professional haters of our era. People without a life, without culture, without education who just worship the autocrat and wish to make all people who disagree with the autocrat as dirty as they themselves are. Typical of a frustrated Psycho. He has no opinion, no thinking, only anger and frustrations.

  4. I saw video’s of people with horrible side effects from Moderna and Pfizer. I tried to search for side effects of the Sputnik vaccine, I haven’t found anything (yet). Doesn’t mean they are safe, but at this moment, I prefer the Sputnik over Pfizer and Moderna

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