Attila Mányoki, the Hungarian long-distance swimmer with an international reputation has overcome his next oceanic waterway: this time he swam across the Cook Strait in New Zealand, according to

He completed the distance five minutes short of seven hours at the fifth stage of the series Ocean’s Seven, according to the organizers. The sportsman of Zalaegerszeg could set about swimming across one of the world’s most dangerous straits after weeks of waiting. The postponement was caused by the exceptionally severe weather conditions.

In the end he took the opportunity to swim the 26 kilometre distance on the last day appointed for swimming. After all, he successfully swam the strait in the 14 degrees cool water.

Attila Mányoki, who became member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame last November in California as the appreciation of his 25-year-old career, got the permission and opportunity to swim across the Cook Strait after waiting for three years. He called it one of the greatest challenges of his life.

The 43-year-old Hungarian sportsman swam through the La Manche in 2013, while in 2014 he coped with the Tsugaru Strait of Japan, which is regarded as the most difficult waterway of the world. He swam the Tsugaru with the second best time of all times.

Two years ago he uniquely completed two of the challenges in two weeks: he swam through the Molokai Channel in Hawaii, then the Catalina Channel near Los Angeles. This way he is already done with four stages of Ocean’s Seven. Passing Cook Strait, the North Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar are still to come, to swim all seven of the most dangerous waters of the world.


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