Spielfeld, Sentilj, Slovenian-Austrian border MTI Photo: György Varga

Austria preparing for a possible new wave of refugees, and plans to construct a 100-kilometer long fence along the Hungarian border said Burgenland police spokesman to German news agency DPA.

If the number of refugees increase, the fence could be built in no time, because everything is ready for the construction of the fence commented the police spokesman.

The fence may extend 50-50 kilometers north and south of Burgenland, which has 300-kilometer shared border with Hungary. The other section of the border is not really a suitable refugees route pointed out the police spokesman.

It is estimated that 20-30 refugees arriving in Austria via Hungary per day wrote German news agency DPA.

Vienna refugee and border protection policy have been tightened in recent months – Austria provides shelter up to 37 – 500 migrants this year.

The government struck a deal with landowners leasing a four-meter-wide section of the border where Austrian army and police units monitor the Hungarian border added the spokesman.

Austria has just built a 3.7-kilometer long fence at the Slovenian border, where the situation is calm at the moment. Vienna planned to build a fence at the Brenner border too, but this has not been realized yet.

Source: MTI/mno.hu/hungarianambiance.com

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