Austrian authorities hand over Afghan rape suspect to Hungary

An Afghan man suspected of raping a woman in Budapest earlier this year has been handed over to Hungarian investigators by the Austrian police, the Budapest police (BRFK) said on Friday.

The 18-year-old Afghan is suspected of having sexually assaulted a woman in the toilets of a fast-food restaurant in central Budapest on September 9, the BRFK said in a statement.

He was granted asylum in Hungary and has resided in the country since last year.

The suspect was detained on a train to Frankfurt in the area of Linz on September 10 by Austrian police officers.

He had also been wanted for two incidents of indecent exposure in the summer.

Hungarian police on Friday arrested the suspect and initiated his preliminary detention.

Source: MTI,

  1. Hungary can’t maim or kill him under EU. But if they were to hand him over to a NATO alley like for example, really stretching things here, but let’s just say, a country that is in really good terms and understanding with Hungary. A country that understands Afghans well. Knows how to deal and QUESTION them. FULLY understands the MUSLIM world and culture. One that knows when Muslim faith has been abused and scorn. Then perhaps this country, TURKEY should be a country to examine and question this yet undivided individual. Turkey has been scorn by the west but remains a totally logical partner, neighbour and friend to central europe and the rest by controlling the middle east and south asian trash. I’ll bet Hungarian secret services can handle and pass along any trash like this person to our Turkish brothers and they will deal with it.

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