A man was sentenced to suspended ten months for putting a Hungarian woman’s dead body in concrete in his basement in Mariazell, writes Origo.hu.

According to the Austrian jury, it was not him who murdered the woman, but she died in medicine overdose, and when the man found her dead, he wanted to hide her. Tények states that the dead woman’s family is not satisfied with the sentence, and they do not understand why they had to get the news from the newspaper.

The Hungarian woman was found in concrete in a basement of a house in Mariazell. The crew of Tények was shooting there when the police began to search for the missing woman from Nagykanizsa.

When they found the body, they arrested the man, then set him free. The jury dealt with the case this week, but the family of the woman in concrete was not invited to the trial.

One of the relatives claimed that the Austrian authorities did not inform them about anything, and they ha to learn everything from the newspaper, like how the woman died of medicine overdose.

The mother of the dead woman argues that probably nothing happened the way the Austrian man states. She thinks that he misguided the police. The family does not believe in the story about the overdose.

The man who put her in concrete received such a mild punishment because it was revealed that he did not commit the murder, only hid her body because he panicked.

Tények’s report in Hungarian:


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Source: Origo.hu

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